More Apple tablet rumors; Intel promo hints Core i5 MacBooks

In the Apple community, there are a few key periods to the year; these periods are the ones in which the company generally releases new products, year in and year out. This month, however, a brand new product is said to be coming, and as such, there are rumors abound.

The first rumor of which, regarding the so-called tablet, comes from Boy Genius Report, a site which is well known for accurately predicting upcoming products. They have some more details about the device, which are as follows:

The tablet's multi-touch gestures are "out of control."
It's powered by an incredibly fast ARM CPU.
It runs on the iPhone kernel.
The internal model number is K48AP.
There hasn't been an updated iPhone OS build because there's too much tablet-related code/references in the OS and Apple obviously didn't want that to leak. Oops.
The tablet is basically an "iPhone on steroids."

Those predictions seem to be fairly accurate in the eyes of other well-known speculators, including one John Gruber, a person in which the Mac community constantly turns to when the rumor season is in full swing. However, interestingly, he believes that the iPhone takes after the tablet, and not vice-versa: "The Tablet is what Apple set out to build all along, and the iPhone was an offshoot that shipped first because the technology wasn't there yet to produce The Tablet." Regardless, come January 26 (or 27), expect the Apple community to be very excited.

The second rumor, which is much more believable, comes to us from Intel, as reported by AppleInsider. A promotion sent out earlier by the company which detailed their i5 range of processors stated that a MacBook Pro was up for grabs, powered by one of the new CPUs. Of course, the current generation of MacBook Pros aren't powered by the i5 chip, and if any company would know what Apple has in store in terms of mobile computing hardware, it's Intel. We've included the promotion below, for you to peruse. Regardless of what's true or false, the end of this month will either be one of the biggest in Apple's history, or one of the most disappointing.

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