More on Microsoft: 100bn mins of Skype calls, PC sales up

Microsoft's just released financial results for the quarter that ended on March 31 include some interesting tidbits of information about the company's various businesses.

Even though Microsoft is just months away from launching Windows 8, the PC sales numbers show there is still demand for machines that run on Windows 7. Microsoft said the overall PC market grew between two to four percent in the last quarter, with business PCs growing by as much as eight percent. That should show that the PC industry still has some life in it, despite some people saying we live in a "post-PC" era.

Even though Microsoft released Office 2010 nearly two years ago, Microsoft's numbers showed that Office 2010's multi-year licensing revenue went up a whopping 13 percent in the last quarter, with business transactional revenue up by five percent.

The Entertainment and Devices Division, which includes the Windows Phone, Xbox and Skype divisions, took a rather big hit in terms of revenue. It generated just $1.6 billion in the last quarter, down 16 percent from the same period a year ago. On the plus side, Microsoft said that its new Skype division generated a whopping 100 billion minutes of calls last quarter, up a massive 40 percent from the same period a year ago.

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That increase in PC sales is my doing, as my clients want nothing to do with Win8. Well not entirely, but I can't be the only person who supports small businesses and hasn't started to prepare them for what is coming.

Don't kill the messenger, just saying.

Whoever the hell said we are post pc needs a reality check, PC's are only going to get better and tougher! Laptops and tablets do not STAND A CHANCE period!

I want to see your ipad 6 run Battlefield 4 at 1920x1080 with 120 FPS, then come back to me! then I would like it very much for that to have 12-16 cores!! I didnt think so!

minster11 said,
Only apple said that, no one else said it, I think

Apple may have said it but the listeners haven't got a clue what 'post PC' actually means - clue to anyone reading, it has nothing to do with PC's disappearing. The 'Post PC' world means that the PC becomes but one of many devices to interact with the internet and use the iCloud rather than the PC being at the centre of it all.