Motorola's Moto G2 rumoured to go on sale starting September 10

Motorola is rumoured to launch the Moto G2 smartphone soon as a retailer has revealed the date of availability to be September 10.

According to GSMArena, which obtained the information from a Motorola retailer, the Moto G2 smartphone will be launched around the same time as the recently leaked Moto X+1, in September. Although, the G2 is the successor to the inexpensive Moto G, it will be allegedly priced at $250 which is a bit higher than all Moto G variants currently available on the market, including the 4G version. This pricing is an interesting revelation as the affordable price has been the reason behind the success of Moto G.

The Moto G2 running Android 4.4.4 is expected to feature some of the same hardware specifications as its predecessor such as the 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM. However, the screen size will be bumped to 5 inches while retaining the 720p resolution and the camera on the device is said to be an 8-megapixel module. Other specifications include a 2-megapixel front facing camera and 8GB of internal storage. It is uncertain whether the device will have any other storage options or the ability to use microSD cards.

With IFA 2014 trade fair coming up early next month, it is quite possible for Motorola to announce the G2 and X+1 at this event making the rumored sell date plausible.

Source: GSMArena | Image via Motorola

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I like the look of the moto G very much but would also like to hear from you about the below combination

4.3" screen size.
Snapdragon 410
Adreno 305
16GB of built-in flash memory
card slot for up to at least 32GB
2GB of RAM
8 to 10 Mp camera with flash
Dual SIM dual standby
No 4G LTE option (increase the price and eats battery)
2500mAh removable battery

Motorola should ideally bump up the specs while retaining the screen size of 4.5 inches. If Moto G is still available for a price cheaper than G2, most of the buyers in this segment (affordable smartphone segment) will opt for the Moto G only.

Damn that's an ugly phone.. It also seems they did not get the Nokia/Microsoft message that Red and Yellow are soooooo 2013 and we're doing green and orange now.. ;)

At least it shows they're just following trends as most Android manufacturers do these days.

Most companies follow trends and some are trend setters more than others as are followers. Including Microsoft. And last I checked, Microsoft is still making red and yellow phones. Evidently they didn't get their own memo...

Bigger? No deal.

I was hoping just a 1.4GHz CPU and maybe some tiny changes or upgrades, but making it bigger turns me off. I'll just get a used N4 instead.

Yes. Very expensive. Expect a price drop fast.

However, for same price or lower, one can get hold of Xiaomi MI3 which is S800 based and is fast as Google Nexus 5/Note 3. I am using it since 2 weeks and no complaints.

warwagon said,
I think the Moto G is the perfect size.

Certainly one of the reasons for its success besides the price. They should have bumped up the tech specs and kept the size, not the other way around.

techbeck said,
If you want something similar but better specs, what the Moto X is for. G and E models are for low to mid range phones

My mom has a Moto G ... its a perfectly fine phone and prepaid 8GB version is only $79