Mozilla denies that it is working on a Google Chromecast-style dongle

Over the weekend, a tweet by a Mozilla developer-evangelist appeared to suggest that the company was working on a new TV dongle running Firefox OS, and similar in concept to Google's Chromecast. 

But the company has since distanced itself from the dongle, denying that it is a Mozilla product. A spokesperson told Re/code: "This is not a Mozilla project, and we do not make devices. Firefox OS in as open platform freely available for any company to build on without restrictions. This means companies can experiment with different form factors that run Firefox OS." 

But while this denial evidently means that Mozilla was not the creator of the device, it does not rule out a third party being behind the product. Indeed, GigaOM claimed that Mozilla has been "working with a partner" on the dongle "for some time", adding that "the project was supposed to be under wraps for at least a few more weeks" before Christian Heilmann's tweet apparently ruined those plans. 

Source: Re/code

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Mozilla is workin on a dongle about as much as Google worked on the Kindle tablets/phones or the Nokia X line, which is to say they had no input except for making the opensource upstream project available to all people to use as long as they respect the license.