Mozilla Labs: Introducing Joey, Firefox and the Mobile Phone

Joey is Mozilla's answer to the mobile browsing problem: too much data necessary for download, poor accessibility to the data and the lack of formatting the content for the phone. "Project Joey brings the Web content you need most to your mobile phone by allowing you to easily send it to your device. You can quickly mark content that is important to you and have that content always available while using your mobile phone." In other words, with the Joey Server, it will be possible to use Firefox to send text clippings, pictures, videos, RSS content, and Live Bookmarks to a phone. The Joey Server transcodes and keeps all of the content up-to-date.

The Joey application for mobile devices isn't complete yet, so users must use their current mobile browser to access information on the Joey server. Joey is currently in the early stages of development, but can be tested with Firefox, by creating an account at the link below. "The goal is to investigate the mobile space using a desktop-centric model. Like many other Mozilla projects, there are no plans to productize Joey. We will work with the community to build a compelling and usable tool that people will enjoy using."

Link: Joey
News source: Mozilla Labs Blog

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In other words, this is different than Opera Mini in that the server rests on your home PC, except data is not compressed and retrieved on demand.

Is this their answer to Opera Mini, or is this supposed to be something entirely different?

(BTW, what's with the name?)

I think this is supposed to be something entirely different. It's just so that if you see something you'd like to take with you, you can.

tiagosilva29 said,
They're based in New Zealand, and Joey is the name of a baby marsupial. I think.

A joey is commonly known as a baby kangaroo here in Australia but it can be any infant marsupial.

Exactly. It's great that they're putting their money back into R&D instead of lining the fat pockets of their employees.