Mozilla shows off new Firefox start screen for Windows 8 version

While anyone can check out the 'Aurora' beta test version of Firefox for Windows 8 right now, the folks at Mozilla are still working on the final version of the Metro/Modern UI port that is currently scheduled for release in late January. This week, the online meeting notes for Mozilla team members included a screenshot of a new start screen UI for the app.

The meeting notes page show that the mockup of the start screen will include some helpful hints for users who might be a tad confused by the new options. The screen shows any bookmarks that might be set up, the sites that are most visited by that particular Firefox user and how tabs can be accessed by right-clicking or by pulling them down with a finger if a touch screen is used.

The meeting notes add that the UI team for Firefox will begin work on the "Windows 8 First Run experience" sometime next week. That would indicate that there's still a lot of work to be done before the final version comes out of beta. We have contacted Mozilla to find out if there's been any change in their plans to launch the Windows 8 Modern version of Firefox beyond their late-January time frame.

Source: Mozilla | Image via Mozilla

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If it doesn't work fluidly with an atom CPU, it will be a big fail. IE, even though the page load times are slow and buggy, has an amazingly fluid UI.

Regrettably, the frequent Windows-7 64-bit crash situations remains unfixed, after all these years.
Solution: If one is going to use FireFox, do NOT install the 64-bit version of Windows. Instead, use the 32-bit version.

Several times I have entered the list of plug-ins and extension in use. Nothing happens. Now, I use enter "The usual crash" in the text box and send in the report to "wherever the report goes."
Plug-ins: Adobe Acrobat, MS Office 2020 (2 unk), Shockwave Flash, Silverlight Plug-in; Windows Activation Technologies (Unk), Windows Live Photo Gallery (Unk)
Extensions: Adblock Plus, Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon,DoNoTractMe, and LiveClick.
As you can see...very few, all tame, many automatically added.

pratnala said,
So you want me to install 32-bit Windows so that I can run Firefox? No thanks. I'll stick to Chrome.

Huh, the 32-bit version of Firefox runs perfectly on 64-bit versions of Windows!!?!

pratnala said,
I was replying to TsarNikky

I know but I was talking about not needing to do that and just install the 32-bit version of Firefox instead!!

I'm was running the Metro Nightly version, but it got pushed aside for IE11. Once this is released, I might be favoring Firefox in Metro as well as on the desktop.

And I'd love to have alternatives on my Surface RT.

For the moment, yeah. But I'm hoping once it's released Metro FF will be available in the Store. Metro IE works decently, but I like having a backup browser.

They allow alternatives to their other apps - I can get a different email app, Accuweather instead of weather, music, video, Teamviewer instead of Remote Desktop etc.

They've never blocked the installation of alternate browsers before. I don't see why they'd stop Mozilla putting this in the Store, as long as it works and meets the Store requirements.

If anything, another choice for web browser makes RT a little more attractive.

It would make sense for the customer but not for Microsoft. Bing would suffer if 3rd party browsers with different preset search engines were available.

thealexweb said,
It would make sense for the customer but not for Microsoft. Bing would suffer if 3rd party browsers with different preset search engines were available.

There is a Firefox distribution with Bing available. Microsoft would still rather have you use Firefox with Bing than use Firefox and Google.

thealexweb said,
Don't bank on it, why would MS offer competition?
They're going to allow it in the store because it's a desktop app. You'd just install Firefox, set it as the default browser and relaunch it from the start screen to run it as a Metro App. Even IE works this way... And this is how they restrict it from being available to Windows RT as well.

really nice to see FF capitalizing on google's missed opportunity. I guess google has given up the browser fight trying beat IE and will settle for android as the only platform where android is the dominant browser.

cheers to FF for making a modern touch browser for windows. something chrome ain't.

Steve Galbincea said,
Ignorance. Install the dev version of Chrome and see what they are up to. I am a Firefox user, but this is a patently false statement.
OMG LOL I just looked and they basically added the desktop to Chrome! This is hilarious, you can have multiple windows open, resize and reposition them really similarly to how Windows 7 does, there's a taskbar at the bottom with a start button, pinned apps, and time at the right bottom! XD They even have a task manager!! I swear now instead of just taking advantage of Metro to stick the desktop version of Chrome in there, I bet they're just slapping in Chrome OS in instead!

Look at this BS guys:

Not sure I would call it BS... What better way to introduce people to your ecosystem and cloud OS than giving it to them for free to run inside their current OS?

Steve Galbincea said,
Not sure I would call it BS... What better way to introduce people to your ecosystem and cloud OS than giving it to them for free to run inside their current OS?
Yeah maybe not quite BS, but BS in respect to what a metro browser should be... But there goes Google again, changing more established products with the sole purpose of getting you to use their lesser known product.

Sad that Microsoft removed their welcome page in IE10 Metro, the one from the Windows Developer Preview was awesome, I mis it. It looked very much like this, but without the tips on it, and no logo.

I installed the latest nighly build and it looks horrible on my computer. It does not handle DPI scaling and it does not blend in with the interface of the OS at all.

COKid said,
By the time they finish it, Windows 9 will be out.

Nah, they will then abandon ship and start fresh with a new one.