Mozilla Splits Thunderbird as Seperate subsidiary

Similar to what it did with Firefox a couple of years ago, the Mozilla Foundation has decided to spin Thunderbird off as a separate subsidiary. The as-of-yet-unnamed subsidiary will be given $3 million in seed funding and the sole task of shepherding Thunderbird's development.

Thunderbird hit the 2.0 milestone earlier this year and is available in over 35 languages on all the major platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. But in contrast to Firefox, which has seen its market share soar since its 1.0 release, Thunderbird has struggled to catch the attention of PC users around the world in the same way that Firefox has. Although Thunderbird is a solid, full-featured client, it faces competition from both free e-mail clients available from Microsoft and Apple as well as from webmail apps.

Mozilla Foundation CEO Mitchell Baker first hinted at her plans for Thunderbird in July. With the announcement, the Foundation hopes to energize Thunderbird development and adoption by giving it its own home within the Foundation. In a post on her blog, Baker says that the seed funding will be used primarily to attract talented people "who are passionate about e-mail and Internet communications."

News source: ArsTechnica

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Hey remember Outlook Express is the most popular Windows mail client. Thunderbird is certainly better than it, I can only hope it keeps getting better.

i like thunderbird as it's quite a bit better than outlook express if you ask me... although generally speaking i use webbased email more than anything else... main reason i got thunderbird for some use is ISP email.

i use it everyday, its better and faster than outlook, i dont use any calendar feature only mail maybe thats why, with eudora becoming open source we can see a fuse between thunderbird and eudora.

Besides, thunderbird its competing against outlook express (which its crap and insecure).

Thunderbird + Webmail (hotmail, yahoo, etc..) + Enigmail (OpenPGP encryption) + Folderpane Tools (I hate that the folder arrange options are gone now...) = Perfect email client.

Used to be my default program, but as Dan.P said, webmail has the advantage of always being the same.

Since I prefer the convenience of an external email application, i switched to Windows Live Mail Desktop: it connected much better to webmail accounts and has the same look and feel as hotmail on the web.

Other than slightly better email support (such as the Junk Mail filter), Thunderbird has always been crap to me, and seems to have remained largely unchanged since the Netscape 2.0/3.0 days.

Every "milestone" of the project has been a let down. It's like it uses the version number it uses just to try and keep up with Firefox's version numbers.

It has one of the worst newsreaders I've ever used.

With the "added" Calender? Does it not come with one?

Anyway, I use Outlook to plan my work schedule and recieve work email - but - IMO, webmail is the most handy form of email. It's the same nomatter where you log on from.

personally i love it , alot better than outlook and with the added calender its great cant wait to see where it goes

Haven't used Thunderbird in quite some time. This should be a good thing for it. Maybe it'll catch the all the Firefox fanboys attention now and skyrocket?