MS update for Outlook 2007 aims to fix performance issues

Microsoft Corporation has released an update to Outlook 2007 designed to speed up the communication software's much-criticized sluggishness. The 8.3 MB update should accelerate the download of messages from the Exchange e-mail server and reduce temporary freezes resulting from deleting messages or copying them from one folder to another as well as allow faster switching between messages and enable faster program startup. "I can't say that this will 100 percent solve the latency issues, but users should see a big improvement," said Jessica Arnold, Outlook's program manager.

Arnold said that while Microsoft had started hearing about problems even before Outlook's release to businesses last November, "until we had enough users, the data wasn't clear." Arnold said Microsoft will monitor the effectiveness of this patch to see what other performance problems to address next, if any. The problems are mostly due to changes made under Outlook's hood to accommodate new features. For instance, RSS newsfeeds are now downloaded and stored in users' local databases as .PST files but because they can quickly grow to several gigabytes in size for some users, they become very slow to read or write to, Arnold said. Meanwhile, Outlook 2007's indexing of e-mails, while allowing for near-instant search results, can also cause delays even when run in the background.

Download: Update for Outlook 2007 (KB933493)
Link: Forum Discussion (Thanks CoolCatBad)
News source: ComputerWorld

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I had trouble validating my completely valid copy of Windows too. I was using FireFox to download the hotfix so I was prompted to download and run OGCheck.exe. Then I switched to IE and ran the ActiveX control instead... problem solved. I tried the Microsoft Hong Kong site but the validation hole described by mikey1001 had been plugged. This hotfix solved my performance problem. I had been running Outlook in safe mode ever since I installed it but it's running fine now.

Hmm.. it's pretty fast now.

This is the good example of non-public testing. If the next os from MS will also have the 'private' beta period (this team lead from "office" is now "windows" team lead), it will 10x slower than vista

Sounds good from the above replies. :)

Btw, here's the very same product manager presenting the new Outlook 2007 features.


Might be of interest for those who haven't tried it out yet, and even for those who have it but haven't discovered all the news.

Humm my genuine copy of Office 2007 which I got for free from MS from that power together offer is no longer geniune? confused....

I had OGA issues 3 updates ago with mine too. Save your PST file and uninstall and reinstall. I can't say it will work for you but it worked for me.