MySpace may pick up Photobucket

Social networking site MySpace is set to acquire photo and video sharing service Photobucket according to US reports.

First reported by Valleywag and then confirmed by CNet and TechCrunch, the deal puts a $US250-300 million pricetag on the photo-sharing site. Not too shabby for a company that only expects $US25 million revenue this year, but not excessive in terms of per user acquisition costs - providing not too many Photobucket users aren't also MySpace users, and assuming MySpace can retain a good proportion of the rest.

An announcement is expected today.

Photobucket is often used to store images used on MySpace, eBay and other services. Last month, MySpace temporarily blocked Photobucket content from its pages, ostensibly because of embedded advertising. This is now thought to have been part of the negotiations between the companies.

View: iTWire

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I don't want my fav photo site to be part of Myspace, it's evil, it's emo and myspace is a cancer of the net. Stupid website.

I hope that photobucket changes hands for more than is offered, they have done me a great service in the years I have used them.