MySpace woos old users with nostalgic pictures

As Facebook continues to dominate the social media realm, MySpace is employing an interesting strategy to try and entice users to return to its service. While you might have long forgotten about your uploaded photos, MySpace has not, and is hoping to use those photos to invoke feelings of nostalgia to bring you back.

According to Mashable, MySpace is emailing users old photos from their accounts in hopes of having them return to the social media site. The email includes a couple photos with the tagline: The good, the rad, and the what were you thinking.

In an attempt to revitalize the ailing social network, MySpace underwent a dramatic overhaul in 2013. With the aid of Justin Timberlake and Specific Media, the former social networking site became a modern and streamlined hub that focused on music. The site now focuses on connecting users with videos, images, music, and original featured content.

It's unclear how successful this campaign will be, but one thing that is certain, is that it will drive former users back to the site to either continue using the service, close their accounts, or delete their photos.

While the nostalgic photos might not bring the site to the heights of its glory days, it will create a bit of attention, and certainly have an emotional impact for some users.

Source: Mashable | Image via MySpace

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MySpace and MSN, back in the day we didn't need dedicated apps or pay-websites to meet new people. I'm starting to sound like The Old Man from Pawn Stars :s

I'm pretty sure that emailing me photos that I posted from when I used Myspace will not pull me back to the site. I'm pretty sure I was a very different person back in those days.

remember kids, everything you post, say or do on FB is recorded for ever. in 50 years times FB will sell access to your data, even the data you thought you deleted to nostalgic descendants of yours and they will think when reading your private chat's what a scumbag grand-dad was lol

never use your real name on any site EVER, and if yo must use your real name, under NO circumstances EVER, and I mean EVER link your name to your real date of birth lol... no social media site has a need to know your date of birth. they want it as there are 100's of thousands of people in the world named peter smith for example, but only 1 or 2 will have the same DOB...

I deleted my account just before JT bought it because I was worried who would buy it next and get my information. It was totally broken at the time, half the pictures in my account didn't load, and going through private messages for nostalgia's sake 5-10 pages at a time just wouldn't load and were corrupted.

The site was so broken it wasn't even worthwhile for nostalgia's sake!

I wonder when Blizzard will start emailing me pictures of my level 60 warrior from 8 years ago to get me back into WoW.

You mustn't remember Myspace was the "Homers Homepage" of social media, with sparkley pages and overlayed music. They allowed way too much scripting.

Max Norris said,
Sweet, now if somebody could revive GeoCities we could really get this nostalgia party going.

Only if i can find it on the altavista search engine.

torrentthief said,

Only if i can find it on the altavista search engine.

Remember, it's .. Without the digital part, it's a porn site :)

I got that email a while back actually. They sent me some blown up version of a 50x50 old profile pic. I had deleted all my albums from there long ago and thought I had closed my account but they must have conveniently re-opened it for me. Pretty pathetic....