Napster creators revealing new project June 5th

Remember Napster? Sure you do. The online music sharing service co-founded by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning was blamed for almost destroying the music industry until record companies managed to shut it down. Now Parker (who was also an early investor in Facebook) and Fanning are preparing to launch their next big venture.

The duo have been working in secret for a while on a project called Airtime. The website doesn't reveal much about what this company is abut other than it has a "live social video" focus. It has raised money from a number of sources, including Google Ventures, and people in the entertainment industry like Ashton Kutcher, and have also put in money into Airtime.

Today, Airtime put up a countdown clock on its website, with the clock scheduled to run down to zero on June 5th. That also happens to be the same day Parker and Fanning will hold a press event on Airtime in New York City, according to a TechCrunch report.

So what are the Napster team up to now? We are not sure. Will it be as huge as Napster was over 10 years ago? It doesn't seem likely. However, if you want to get in on Airtime's ground floor, you can sign up for beta access at Airtime's website.

Image via Airtime

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no-sweat said,

Or any other site that let's you broadcast video...

Yeah, I'd have to agree. The name itself screams broadcasting video. Maybe an alternative to Or perhaps a website for user-driven radio stations similar to 8track?

Well this is the first time I'm hearing of this. So when I read "live social video" focus I think of a cross between google streetview at more social events with feeds coming in from regular people for friends/all to see. Now instead of (for instance) logging into a place with Facebook, you can actually record and post getting there and doing things there. Could be wrong but that sounds cool if its anything like that.

iNeto7 said,
I miss Napster. Downloading songs of 4MB in 20 minutes with a dialup connection.

Those days will never come back! LOL!

The good ol' days... haha... well I was on dialup until Sept'04... so not really even that long ago for me.

iNeto7 said,
I miss Napster. Downloading songs of 4MB in 20 minutes with a dialup connection.

Those days will never come back! LOL!

Same here man. Whenever I hear about Napster, I remembered how it took me 35-40mins to download Smells Like Teen Spirit. And that was the first song I downloaded at home. I usually downloaded at Cybers during the good ol' 56k days.