Nearly everything about Acer's 8.1" Windows 8 tablet leaks

We've seen a few bits and bobs on the Acer Iconia W3 floating around in the past, first via Minimachines and then via a premature Amazon listing. The 8.1-inch Windows 8 tablet, which will likely cost around $380 when it launches, is the first Windows 8 tablet to come with a screen size under 10 inches, and today we're seeing basically everything else about the tablet leak that we didn't already know.

Acer's Finland website has revealed a considerable amount of information on the W3 by prematurely making the product page for it live. The tablet will come with an 8.1-inch LCD, WXGA-resolution display (1280 x 800, 16:10), an Intel Atom 'Clover Trail' Z2760 processor with 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of on-board storage plus microSD card expansion, a 2-megapixel front facing camera, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, micro-USB and micro-HDMI ports, and a battery capable of 8 hours of video playback.

The device will be running Windows 8 Pro out of the box and will apparently come with Microsoft Office, although it's unclear if it's a fully licensed version or just a trial like many OEMs include on their computers. Plus there will be the optional snap-on full sized keyboard that we've seen before, which appears to have room (visually) for an extra battery although nothing is said about it on the device's page.

Also, the Iconia W3-810 passed through the FCC recently complete with some diagrams, although it doesn't show anything particularly interesting about the device. Surely with all these leaks and reveals, even from official sources such as Acer's own website, the W3 will be launched officially very shortly.

Source: Acer Finland, FCC via: WPCentral

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Sorry, but why would this be an experience in frustration?
People are looking into more choice, and smaller tablets seem to be doing very well now.

With the arrival of W8, the choice of different devices has gone up, after years of OEM's doing the same all over. Now we have different things to choose from, and imho this is just a good thing.

When you want a tablet for the simple stuff, pick a RT one. And before you start nagging, iPads and Android tablets cannot run desktop apps either.....

When you cannot live with that one desktop app, but still want to use a tablet, pick an Atom one. Still get great battery life.

Want to have some more umph and use all desktop apps, get a i3/5/7 tablet or detachable.
Or just get a laptop if you're not into tablets.

And if you think this whole W8 thing and touchscreens are just rubbish, buy a Macbook ;-)

We have more choice than ever when buying new gear. For us consumers this is great, it keeps all parties on their toes, and hopefully prices will go down even more.

No matter what you think of Acer, this little tablet is one to keep an eye out for. My only wish was it came with a digitizer and pen. That would have topped it off as a non-brainer.

Different people, different needs. Keep that in mind :-)

Sorry but actually using thing will be a new experience in frustration. I just don't see who this will appeal to...and in just a few months than will dwindle to RT like numbers. Glad to see detachables pressing forward though.

A quick look at the pics on the Acer Finland site and this is what I have noticed...
The keyboard DOES have a battery... but not for what you think :-(
The keyboard is BLUETOOTH, the battery is for powering the keyboard only, not providing extra juice to the tablet. There are no physical docking connectors between the tablet and the keyboard.

Damn at $380 unless this thing has some serious flaws they can take my money on day one (twice even - one for the wife)

Clovertrail Atom CPU means you can use the desktop unimpeded. Though 2GB should really be 4GB to keep things humming. But still, $380 is pretty damn good!

srprimeaux said,
No Stylus?

every windows 8 tablet can work with a stylus.. but these are just too small to use for a specific digitizer with enhanced functionality if you ask me.

Hope there's pen support... would kinda explain the need for a non-RT version. I think earlier rumors said there was, but none of the specs mentioned recently mention a pen digitizer.

These clueless OEMS don't get it, why should this be sold with a keyboard? This is a small tablet, it should concentrate on delivering a simple enjoyable media consumption experience. .ie reading magazines and books, browsing the bed, playing simple games, watching movies listening to music etc ..

You can sell a jack of traits or a single device that does something well. Perhaps this is why windows tablets don't sell . Clueless bunch

They have no choice since it is a Windows 8 Pro version. Touch driving Windows 8 remains a nightmare, whatever mitigating tweaks Microsoft made to the desktop. And doing it on an 8 inches screen won't be any easier.

If Windows 8 "Modern" mode had been fully autonomous and never relied on the "desktop" for some operations, we would have a real alternative here.

They will see the light...

This will end up being a compete failure then .

The desktop is nice addition but since it is very unresponsive to touch it will make it a dreadful experience. If you add a feature, people will use it and end up evaluating the product based on the feature. You don't get points for adding a half backed feature.

In my opinion, they should either make sub 10 inches tablet RT only, if it will be the full Windows 8 then the desktop needs to be taken out , unless they can provide a good touch experience.

For the OEMs themselves it will be a good thing for them to be able to differentiate their products ; keep this simple and reserve the desktop for hybrids, desktop, and laptops.

Microsoft will reportedly unveil an 8 inches Surface soon. I'm pretty sure it will be an RT one. I just hope they build it around the Tegra 4 this time.

kinpin said,

The desktop is nice addition but since it is very unresponsive to touch it will make it a dreadful experience.

Have you actually used Windows 8 on a touch-enabled device? The one thing Windows 8 is not is "unresponsive to touch". You may fat-finger some of the non-touch optimized, desktop UI elements if your resolution is too high, but that's not the same thing as being "unresponsive".

I'm sorry but it's made by Acer, just that is a turn off for me, lots of bad experience with Acer stuff.

I'll wait for Asus or someone else to build something like this.

Because we all carry smartphones with great cameras. I would not miss it and find people taking photos with iPads highly annoying.

pookie62 said,
Because we all carry smartphones with great cameras. I would not miss it and find people taking photos with iPads highly annoying.

Believe it or not, that doesn't so much "answer the question" as it "gave you a soapbox to gripe".

I think this form factor would be better suited with running Windows RT (version 8.1).

Which x86 software would you run on such a small screen? And don't forget all the bloadware and terrible driver software that isn't optimized for touch.

My corporate laptop has 1366x768, so I would say pretty much any x86 software would run in that screen. Yes, the software may not be optimized for touch but I'm not sure I care.

Why? You can use Windows 8 exactly like RT where you only use the desktop with the preloaded programs if you want. You don't HAVE to use the desktop. ATOM gets just as good of battery life as ARM and is faster. The GPU is weaker but whatever. Drivers for this computer will be perfectly fine.

I'm glad they're going with X86. These can be very useful.

This is Exactly what I have been waiting for. right size, right equipment and X86 support. If the battery life would be really what is says 8 hrs of video playback It would be the perfect gadget for I think many people.

Ezekiel Carsella said,
wait no bay trail? wat the crap? thats stupid

bay trail stuff will be out in q4 2013. they couldn't have possibly done a bay trail version yet because of the bay trail release date.

That's a hell of a lot of tablet for 380 bucks, wow.. just hope acer can keep build/quality up. I hope they market the s*** out of this!

Same- definitely a very very very solid contender for the people who thought they could do "business work" with an iPad or Droid tab.