Neogamr: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Steam code giveaway!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is launching today on PC, and for the occasion Neogamr - our website dedicated to PC gaming - is giving away 10 Steam codes to lucky readers of the website. It looks like a pretty cool game, so you should head over to Neogamr to see how you can enter and win one of the codes to the game.

Enter and win @ Neogamr

Big thanks to Valve for providing these Steam codes, so enjoy!

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lets try my luck and see if I win. it's been over 5yrs since I last played counter-strike. hoping this will get me back in the game =D

superconductive said,
Just played the game few seconds ago-- I don't think it's all that great. Man I miss the old days of CS 1.6...

Poor animations and a crosshair that didn't accurately reflect your recoil? I don't. (Still doesn't, but it's better than was)