NeoGamr goes adfree!

Well we tried going with a gaming advertiser and that didn't really work out. For May and June the income was less than what a Tier 2 subscription would cost

So for the time being at least, there won't be any adverts on NeoGamr. You are not seeing things, there are really no ads.

Some things to take from this, how quickly NeoGamr loads, is what you get on Neowin from a Tier 2 subscription. Tier 2 subscription does already cover NeoGamr, but you pay for Neowin primarily (additional forums), so we're not screwing our Tier 2 subscribers here.

Traffic to the site isn't great, for the last two months it's at about 500k unique impressions.

I will be looking into serving ads on the site, but only if it's worth it.

Additionally, those that use ad blockers, please keep that to yourself, it isn't nice to gloat ;) and here's some proof that we're willing to concede that showing ads isn't always the smartest option.

NeoGamr, can be offset by Neowin for a bit, but as you might agree, we're not making a dime off running that site (and still paying newsposters here!).

Enjoy it while it lasts, and we appreciate your support.

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Yeah, the gaming community here in general doesn't seem to be holding up too well. It's kind of disheartening. At the same time though, the gaming news is a bit lacking just as well, no offense to John Callaham of course seeing as he's the only poster here if I'm not mistaken. (props good sir!)

I think I'll start retweeting articles from here to help out as well.

statm1 said,
How about I gloat and say that the adblocker is always turned off on Neowin/Neogamr? Just doing my

Same here. In fact these are these only two sites I have on my whitelist.

I like NeoGamr. Will be sad if it does go.
It is true that the comments are definitely lacking in articles and such. I've wondered if people had noticed it existed yet, or if they just don't like the idea.

Sly_Ripper said,
500k uniques for two months is pretty good, doesn't Pageviews matter more with ads?

It does help to have more pageviews, but if 10 persons viewed each 100 pages, that's worth a lot less when 1000 persons viewed each one page.

Good move, some gaming related giveaways might help get people looking here more! even if its a dog tag in BF3!

I get offered free stuff all the time from Microsoft through their XCN Program, you must be part of it to?

Neobond said,
The Internet will obviously (probably) punish me for this decision.

It always seems very very quiet here in NeoGamr.. How does the traffic fare for this place?

Neobond said,
Traffic to the site isn't great, for the last two months it's at about 500k unique impressions.

In the article, lol.

Neobond said,

In the article, lol.

haha oh sorry I meant like how does it compare to say normal Neowin? Neowin seems to be a pretty thriving environment in comparison. But NeoGamr is a really cool idea.. Also 500k isn't all that bad as well

Neobond said,
The Internet will obviously (probably) punish me for this decision.

One thing I noticed on my phone recently is that the Neowin mobile site doesn't have the go to NeoGamr link at the top like the full version does. Maybe it's not big deal but would be nice to be able to switch back and forth easily on mobile as well.

Neobond said,

In the article, lol.

I frequent this portion of the Neo* website frequently as I read the NeoWin portion just about daily. I'm also a long time user on GameFAQs but I still check here for news I might miss elsewhere. I think its been great so far, keep up the good work