NeoGamr Podcast 017 - 05.1.2012

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Contributing Staff:
John Callaham (@JCalNeowin), Larry Cooney (@DirtyLarry) and Tim Schiesser (@ScorpusV)

Topics Discussed:

  1. Portal 2 level editor impressions
  2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive beta impressions
  3. God of War: Ascension multiplayer
  4. Kickstarter developments
  5. Prototype 2 hands-on
  6. Starhawk upcoming release
  7. ...and more

We record the podcast live every week at 7 PM ET on Tuesday (or 4 PM PT/11PM GMT) over on our Ustream page and also embedded in a post here on the site. Please join us then if you can next week and chat with us live, or simply catch the podcast recorded here on NeoGamr or by our feed services.

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