NeoGamr Podcast 027 - July 11, 2012

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Contributing Staff:
Larry Cooney (@DirtyLarry) and Tim Schiesser (@ScorpusV)

Topics Discussed:

  1. Tim also plays Spec Ops: The Line
  2. Driver: San Francisco impressions
  3. An hour of Star Wars: Battlefront III
  4. The new $99 Ouya console
  5. Skyrim: Dawnguard reviews
  6. Upcoming games
  7. ...and more!

We record the podcast live every week at 7 PM ET on Tuesday (or 4 PM PT/11PM GMT) over on our Ustream page and also embedded in a post here on the site. Please join us then if you can next week and chat with us live, or simply catch the podcast recorded here on NeoGamr or by our feed services.

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Spec Ops: "...enemies aren't really hard, unless you have enough coming at you..." That's how I feel about Left 4 Dead, which is why I can't get into that game. Really glad you guys detailed this, as it really highlights as something I wouldn't enjoy given that. (aside from it being 3rd person)

Can't believe how well the Ouya kickstarter program is going... Really hope it gets some backing support because otherwise, I don't know how they're going to deal with making a console lacking games...

Question I have regarding Dawnguard is... how much did Microsoft pay to get it as an exclusive first? It seems rather silly if they did, seeing how this DLC seems rather overpriced for what it offers. I don't think the vampire appeal is gone, but it seems Bethesda has never really done it right. (which is why I'm guessing the direction they headed for the DLC) Thankfully, there are plenty of mods to correct this, each tailored for a different crowd it seems. I found one I actually liked, and had quite a bit of fun with it as it offered a new challenge in some regards, but the perks were actually worth it, whereas the default abilities you get in Skyrim just don't seem that great. (talking outside of Dawnguard since I don't have it yet obviously)

Didn't Sleeping Dogs get some advertising with the UFC? Could've sworn I saw some commercials during one of the more recent fights. Looks good though!