Neowin and Impulse servers in reality

Sometimes it's easy to forget that "this" – the Internet – does exist in the physical world too. Millions of servers around the world.

Here's a picture from one of the Stardock data centers. This rack contains one of the Impulse cluster manager servers and just inches below is Neowin.net's servers. Neowin requires 5 very high end servers to run the site that is almost purely database/text is a testament to how popular the site has become over the years.

The Neowin setup consists of 5 servers. Top two are the apache servers, IRC is in the middle, and the bottom two run the database. The bottom server is the one we purchased last month, which replaced our very first self owned dedicated server that we bought back in in the beginning of 2005. We also use this server for development work. For details on stats and what it does, follow this link.

Years ago, when we were a lot smaller and I was more involved in setting up servers, the traffic was so much lower that you could have a single box for handling all the databases and another box for handling the web server. Such a setup, back in 2001, was enough to handle millions of users.

All 5 servers and the site are only made possible by our loyal readers. The revenue to purchase the servers and keep the site running is generated solely from member based subscriptions and advertising on the site. We appreciate our loyal readership and look forward to an exciting 2010. From all the staff at Neowin Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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/- Razorfold said,
Aww look at the baby (servers) :wub:

Someday they will grow up and be full 3U's... but they are cute when they are little 1U's

Nice to see the stuff behind the scenes.

And like alot of people, I expected to see alot more... Not just 5 servers neatly sat there, with not a cable in sight !

Neowin is usually the first source I go to for news (either here or to The Register!)

I've just re-sub'd, I'm more than happy to help support this site so it can continue to deliver great content.

Nashy said,
Any pics of the DC?

Some DC's wont let you take pics due to security, anyone that worked at this one know of their security requirements?

I just wonder how much of that space is filled with interesting and informative data/discussion, and how much is filled with the words "Owned" "Epic" and "Fail"

Orange Battery said,
I just wonder how much of that space is filled with interesting and informative data/discussion, and how much is filled with the words "Owned" "Epic" and "Fail"

Or +1, First, and Rappy.

They probably had to buy a whole new server just to accomodate Rappy.

Actually the three in the middle look more like PowerEdge 1850's. I have two of them in our server room at work.

Not trying to pee on Neowin's parade or anything but...
"Neowin requires 5 very high end servers"
Errr... They're 1U.. The Dell 2950 that I just spent £2000 on is probably more high end.
In all honesty; 1U and 2U servers are NOT high end. 4U+ and blade servers are high end.

I was expecting a lot more then that! I guess i'm just use to the lab at work with racks upon racks of servers and storage.

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