Neowin: Forum Upgrade Complete [Update]

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to delay the forum upgrade, a few show stopper bugs cropped up yesterday evening while we were readying the update.

We hope to upgrade sometime today.

Update: The upgrade is now complete!

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LiquidSolstice said,
Let's hope this update schedule doesn't end up following GT5, I'd rather not wait till next Fall for it to be finished


I actually came to the site and thought to myself "I wonder if the update went well" and than I saw the featured post.

Best of luck today!

Not sure about the upgrade being like GT5, more like duke nukem forever. Hasnt the forum upgrade tried to go ahead in the past, then screwed up whilst making live?

Dinggus said,
Just when I finally came home and able to browse the forums. Good luck Neowin Staff!

It's Neowin stripping live for you for free!
Be thankful!

Hehe... awesome!
Have been offline the whole week-end, coming back and I'm able to enjoy the update progress live!
like it.

Here's to the dev's and all the staff and community!


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