Neowin forums return

The Neowin Forums have returned to their online status. Despite a weekend of almost nonstop work by myself, Dave, Tim, Rob, and multiple outside sources from Invision and elsewhere, we were unable to make Invision Power Board 3 work effectively on our servers, and have thusly downgraded the forums to the previous IPB 2.3 board.

While it is unfortunate that the work we put into IPB 3 has been put off for the time being, we made the decision that getting the forums back online was of the utmost importance.

The downside, currently, is this: the Neowin Forums will be using the Finity theme we had prior to our Ignition / Atlas launch. Additionally, any posts made during our brief uptime on Invision Power Board 3 have been lost. We have reverted to the database in use as of Friday, January 15, at 12:00 PM GMT.

Our front page has been holding up quite well since our upgrade on Friday: even throughout high load times when the forum would barely load, the front page has been incredibly snappy, and our news has looked better than ever in our new Atlas stylings.

We wholeheartedly thank all of our members for sticking with us throughout this downtime. It truly is heartbreaking to see months of work simply not work the way it should, but we really just wanted the forums back. We hope that you can be understanding of this very, very difficult decision.

Anyway, the point is, we're back. Let's get this community rolling again!


Simon, Dave, Tim and Rob
Neowin Developers

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So, are you still going to try and fix the problem? Has the IPB team replied to your issues yet? I really liked 3.0 :l

Thanks for the effort as we were all behind you. But Neowin must continue to operate at a profit and we are with you in your decisions.

I'm sure the Neowin Team will handle the issue in due time. The new front page design is great, and I really hope you will launch IPB 3.0 after all. Best of luck and thank you for keeping us up to date during the launch

yeah, i know the feeling... im stuck on this maths problem which i cannot crack for the life of me... worked through a whole page of calculations just to get to a dead end...

When the forums loaded up for me this morning I was pleased, then I realized what I was looking at. So sorry to see that it didn't go well guys :(. However, I have faith in your über brains that it will all work out eventually and you'll find the solution. <3

A program doesn't make the community. It's the people who post that do. This place is amazing. I always get help when I need it most and its always a friendly place. Long live NEOWIN.

The forums are back. That's the most important part. Just take your time ironing out the kinks and try again when you all can. A lot of us have been at Neowin for years. We're not leaving for something as small as this. Keep up the good work, everyone.

You haven't scrapped the effort have you? The forums really did look amazing, so I hope one day we'll have it back.

Thanks for all the work too. :)

Well, you do what you can. I mean that was to be expected.

I'm sure Invision will come up with something to help out.

About me in. Sad news. But nothing poradzicie.
And Yes You have done very good job.
I would have hoped that one day I will see IPB3 forum.
And do not worry.

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