Neowin Giveaway Winners: 10 Free licenses for Safe Returner

Neowin has been given 10 licenses to giveaway to our members (value $29,95 USD per license), for the designed for Windows 7 software, "Safe Returner" by Egomoo who represents the company.

What is Safe Returner?

Safe Returner is an awesomely impressive anti-malware tool which aids in the removal of Malware - Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware - when standard anti-virus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively eliminate them. Safe Returner's a relatively speedy malware remover, it works at a high speed with the full scan taking less than 5 minutes even with other high-resource programs running. It has a self-developed heuristic malware detection engine which displays the severity of the Spyware threat, used ranging from High Risk, Moderate Risk, and Low Risk. (more information here)

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How to take part

To take part in this giveaway is simple. Simply make a comment here and we'll randomly select 10 winners tomorrow on the 18th of August. Those commenting that they do not want this software will obviously not be considered.

If you can't wait to be picked or you want to check out this software, you can try a trial version of Safe Returner, which is limited to 30 days free trial. 

Good Luck!

Winners (18th August 2010):

External HDD

How were winners picked? Comment numbers ending in (lucky number) "7" were randomly picked off the page.

Winners will receive an email with a full license for Safe Returner, enjoy!

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looks like a good program.

hope i win a licence (didnt realise the winers have been picked)

spybot just dosnt cut it compared to this

I already installed the trial version on a 64bit system and when I run it, it opens as a notepad file (.txt) like wth? useless....

Pick me!!

And don't pick anyone that's registered in the last week, or has less than 10 posts.
Fair's fair, right?

Yeah right. We all know what happens.

I'm always down for testing out a new virus software, I view the threat as so minimal that I never stay with the same long but maybe this one will stick.

Hmmm I just downloaded the software and it only installed some file with a .scr on it. I clicked on it and it opened up some sort of weird text file. Not sure if thats supposed to happen. Windows 7 X64 Ultimate.

I never win anything so... Lets give it a try... I want one of those keys =D...

PS: I really need one, Yesterday my nephew installed the "My Security Shield" and it's a really pain in the *ss... =/... I still have some leftovers, this tool might help get rid of it...

Haven't heard but want to try it. Might be posting a review on Neowin forums as well

I was shocked when i saw $29,95 / license. Its $29.95 on their website

Having an active subscription to Comodo Internet Security Pro, I personally feel protected, but still... if this thing works better and faster, I definitely won't complain in having it.

It's worth a shot. Though I've got quite a few good tools at my disposal already. I wonder how this stacks up.

Looks good. I could very easily test this app out. I always get infected machine in my shop. I'm not going to judge it until i've tried it:D

Lol, I got confused for a second, I thought it was $2,995 per license not $29.95 per license. Something I will have to get used to when I go to Germany for a month

Eh. Ran it on a VM I use to test malware removal tools. I had to put it into Expert Mode in order to get accurate results. In normal mode, I was told everything was fine. That's a huge problem.

No Anti-Rootkit, can only remove active Malware, Boost your system speed by 100%!

Seems like it scans common registry entries and uses the "cloud". I`ll have it and give it a try

Never heard of it.. like one commenter said.. I would like to see how it stacks up against Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware.

5 minutes for a full scan? Difficult to imagine but I guess I want in too hope this works and is light on resources cause my laptop isn't too powerful but its great

Its my birthday today if I get it, it would be great b'day present

Just kidding, but yes I would like a license.


"I don't know what this is, but sign me up! Neowin is givng something away!" Are you kidding? What is this? Have you heard of this program? Who is Neowin in bed with now? Shareware/Spamware advertisers? No reviews? Good thing I never bothered to subscribe. For what? Notice I've been a member for about 6 years. I've been tempted to subscribe. There was a time it was worth it. Now? How about ...NO.

Awesome App! Nice interface as well. How well does it compare to SuperAntiSpyware or Malwarebytes? Just wondering. I am fairly certain that it is top notch or Neowin wouldn't be giving it away.

Does it have on-access scan or will you have to manually scan? Otherwise seems like nice little program. Don't count me in though, happy with what I've got right now

I am pleased that you are promoting this software, but could you publish how it compares to Microsoft Security Essentials ? Count me in if SafeReturner trumps MSE atleast in some regards. Thanks.

hmmm... very fast, original engine that promise what others can't deliver... question - how big was the drive scanned, and how many files taken into account? licensed or evaluation, that's something I'll have to check, but...

pinkyshor said,
hmmm... very fast, original engine that promise what others can't deliver... question - how big was the drive scanned, and how many files taken into account? licensed or evaluation, that's something I'll have to check, but...
After having read through the features page on the website, it looks like the majority of what it does is scan everywhere that files are automatically run from at boot time (including services, things from the start menu). Then it scans those files looking for "suspicious characteristics" such as remote access and then reports them as possible malware. Would be interesting to see if something packed by UPX is still picked up by it or if all compressed executables are marked as suspicious.
I'll also note that I don't particularly want this software as it doesn't remove the need for a conventional anti-virus/firewall and I have faith that mine currently does the job I want it to do.