Neowin Member Reviews: Logitech Z-2300 Mega Review

It's that time of the week again, where we showcase a review submitted by a member on our forums. Remember that we consider all reviews that are submitted here. Who knows, your review might make the front page next week!

This week RishiGuru, who only signed up yesterday, has posted an extensive, 3 part (image heavy) review of Logitech's Logitech Z-2300 2.1 Speaker System. So first of all Neowin would like to welcome RishiGuru to the community, and if first impressions mean anything, I think we can all agree we have a valuable addition to the site!

When Logitech introduced the Z-2300 way back in 2004, it was a THX certified premium quality top of the range product. The Logitech engineers in the lab where given a clear goal i.e. to create the best 2.1 multimedia speaker system for the computers. They were not concerned about the price, they were more concerned about the performance & quality which lead in using premium quality components, be it electronic components, speakers used, wooden casings of the subwoofers, plastic casings of the satellites and even the wires used to connect the components. Price was never an issue, performance was. This single mindedness of the engineers produced a unique product, and Z-2300 was born.

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Image credit: Stock Logitech

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OMG that has to be one of the biggest reviews I have ever seen, I will have a read of this tomorrow, but good review. I like the THX system.

It appears to be a fairly technical review, but it's a little over the top about Logitech's status and actual quality of these speakers. This set is pretty decent but most people including myself prefer Klipsch Promedia 2.1 and there are other similar 2.1 sets in this price range that perform better. They aren't the best in this category. It's also a lot of review for someone to make as their first contribution to the site which is a little strange, it's like he had it all typed up before even registering for the site, not your typical "By members for members" review to say the least.. I'm curious as to how much of it he didn't copy elsewhere as well, the graph and whatnot of signal and frequency reproduction, and it provides a lot of detail from other reviews and technical overviews so it's obvious he's looking elsewhere. It's most certainly not the typical end-user review and also doesn't give much opinion or real world usage experience that most would focus on with this type of review.

You think he works for Logitech?
I can see companies registering to sites and doing review ads like that. Free ad space that looks like a user review.

Yeah, once again excellent review, this front page submition has the wrong picture though that's not the product being reviewed, that's the Logitech Z-623.