Neowin: Server update news

As some readers have probably noticed, the new server is now fully operational and is hosting most of Neowins services. There have been some teething problems such as: not being able to search the forums and unable to upload attachments, those issues have been fixed...

At the moment we are busy sorting out the server configuration to try and fix the occasional high load issues everyone has been experiencing the past day or so, so please bear with us.

Phase two of the move, which is yet to happen, will see our old servers brought down to the new data center from Chicago, and installed. The site will then be redistributed over the five servers (currently it's only running on one, while we wait for the move) to further improve the speed and reliability.

View: Neowin: New server going online today! - August 4th announcement
View: New server ordered for Neowin - July 2nd announcement

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all of a sudden within the last 5 minutes neowin has gone from plaid (ludicrous speed) to really slow, dunno who touched what but pages here are taking 75 seconds to render and no my net conneciton hasnt changed and other websites are fine. I also notice in the text editor images are missing for strikethrough,smilies and align right ?

hmm seems to be running supper slow now.

Time to render page: 1.45363 sec

While that doesn't sound long normally it's something like 0.05124 sec or something. So that's MUCH longer. Opened the forums page and i got this:

75.8497 sec 5.12 6 queries GZIP? Yes

So yeah.. server load 5.12!! and 75 seconds to load.

It seems to be hit or miss for me. Today sometimes the site loads, sometimes I get DNS error. Guessing my ISP is taking longer to get populated.

The new server is taking the full load now or just partial? I remember reading something about moving the old servers so i'd imagine at one point the new one would be taking everything.

Everything is flying though either way

The article's last paragraph tells you your answer. The new server is taking the entire load currently, but only while the old servers are being moved. Eventually all 5 servers will be used.