NeowinCast: Gamers, Episode #1 presents NeowinCast: Gamers, a new series of Podcasts relating to all things gaming and a few not, hosted by David Corris and Joshua Seed. Coming in at an hour this first episode of the new series has us covering ourselves and our games of 2009, what games we are looking forward to in 2010 and some recent news and rumours.

Also covered in this episode in the News and Rumours section:

NeowinCast: Gamers will be a fortnightly Podcast arriving every two weeks, or every week if time allows. As it is our first episode, we understand that a few things still need ironing out and hope you will be able to enjoy listening as much as we do making them.

Each episode we will also be asking a question to our listeners, starting off the first episode and the new year, we would love you know what your game of 2009 is, what you are looking forward to in 2010, and why?
You can send these emails to or leave your answer in the comments.

Click Play to listen in browser or download via the supplied link (right click, save as).

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Well done gents - looking forward to more - been far too long without a Neowin podcast.

As for the questions - my game of the year for 2009 is definitely Brutal Legend. Tim Shafer is a GOD. I had soo much fun with this game. Killer soundtrack, excellent voice acting, a brilliant story and game world, and the gameplay was pretty good if a little repetitive.

Looking forward to 2010 - there's far too many - Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Alan Wake, Fable III and those are just the ones that come to mind, I'm sure I'm missing quite a few.

Over-use of the compressor, lol - don't do it on the theme music! Otherwise great to see guys, I'll see what I can do about fixing up the RSS feeds.

I like to see new podcasts but really you guys need to stay on topic. I have to agree "but back-and-forth banter, at times, slightly boring." Also did you guys have 3 guys total on the podcast because I did hear him at the begining of the podcast. Then I guess he fell asleep because you two took over the show. LOL You can hear the 3rd guy snoring through out the show. Listen carefully dude was asleep so funny.

My wife does, she plays EQ2, Aion, WoW, DDO, Call of Duty................ and as many others as I have tried. I <3 that woman.

What's with Neowin and choosing people with that British accent?

Looking forward to listening to this, congrats guys!

Simon said,
What's with Neowin and choosing people with that British accent?

We don't have remotely the same accent!

Rob said,
We don't have remotely the same accent!

I actually think Corris sounds almost exactly like you, just with a hint of Welsh

There's a really insidious base hum in the background all throughout. Quite annoying and made it difficult to listen to. But, that said, great job with the 'cast and i look forward to the next one. Also, not trying to be too critical, but the first 11 minutes was nothing but back-and-forth banter, at times, slightly boring. I would suggest getting to the meat of the podcast a bit more quickly. And for the record, i don't think i could do any better! Just suggestions. Thanks for making it available.