Nero Burning ROM 2014 v15.0.03900

Preserve your photos, videos, music with the most established burning technology in the industry. The award-winning Nero Burning ROM 15 reliably burns content to CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Easy to use and even easier to share, the robust burning solution comes with powerful security and customizable features that go beyond just burning.

Key features:

  • Burn long lasting discs - Exclusive Nero SecurDisc burning helps ensure disc readability regardless of scratches, age and deterioration.
  • Span multiple discs - With Nero DiscSpan, you can split oversized files and burn them to the number of required discs at one time.
  • Rip audio - Easily create playlists or CD mixes of your favorite tunes right on your computer for instant playback.
  • Disc Surface Scan - Go beyond just burning with more SecurDisc features such as surface scan, which offers additional reliability of burned optical discs.
  • Disc copy - Copy music to CDs and even HD movies to Blu-ray Disc quickly and easily.

Please note:

The Nero Trial version can be tested for 15 days starting from the date of installation.
AVCHD authoring and playback as well as MPEG-4 and BD-AV formats are not supported in the Nero Trial version.

Download: Nero Burning ROM 2014 v15.0.03900 | 78.8 MB (Shareware)
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Whoa, less than 100 MB? What's going on Nero?! You cut some stuff out or something?! Maybe they took out some skins. Yeah that's it.

I still have a version of Nero Lite, basically Nero with all the bloat stripped out. That works on Windows 8 from what i remember. I would never purchase a new version though if that stopped working.

I cant remember the last time i actually needed to burn a disc.

I haven't much call for burning CDs anymore but out of curiosity I wanted to see if I could get my favourite version of Nero ( to work in Windows 7 x64.

Turns out it's easy.

1) Open the installer with WinRAR or 7-zip.
2) Drag the Nero folder to your hard disk.
3) To burn audio discs, drag the dlls from the Common Files\AudioPlugins folder to the Nero folder. Use the msa.dll from the msa7 folder. The other one will cause a crash.
4) Run Nero. You might get warned of a known incompatibility.
5) Enter registration info.
6) Try to think of something to burn to CD.

Wow I honestly didn't know Nero Burning ROM was still around, but this is great news for those who still have a need for it. I haven't used Nero since 2006.

Putting aside how far downhill Nero has fallen since its glory days, I really don't see much point in paying money for burning software anymore. There are so many really great programs that are completely free.

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