Netflix expanding to six more European countries

Netflix, the super popular video service, is expanding further into Europe. The company plans to add another six countries to its list of subscribers by the end of this year.

Netflix has been slowly expanding in Europe during the last two years. It started in the UK, Denmark and the Scandinavian states back in 2012, then in Netherlands and now it’s due for a major expansion.

The countries soon to have access to Netflix are: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. There’s no clear launch date for any of them and in all likelihood this looks to be a staggered release with some folks receiving access sooner and others later.

Alongside the recent news that Netflix will be decoupled from Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, we’re sure some users will be very happy.

If you’re excited and you live in one of the aforementioned countries you can head over to Netflix and sign up to receive an e-mail alert when the service launches in your region.

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If they do Aus and not NZ I'll murder some legislator. It pains me that you guys get the Nexus 5 for $475 NZD whilst we have to get ripped off for $850 NZD :p

-T- said,
Australia would be nice....

While I agree it would be nice. Not sure the data caps and most people's bandwidth will cope with it very well...

They need to focus on expanding the content in the markets they are currently in first. Their UK offering is still pretty lacking.

Yeah Hola or Mediahint. Unblock it and Netflix can fully replace your TV :)
I mainly use US Netflix, but UK Netflix has vast array of BBC material the other Netflixes don't have. US Netflix has the US shows others don't have, just like Dutch Netflix having the dutch shows others don't have.

And with Netflix expanding to Germany, Belgium and France :D Very good news.

Only problem I have with that is I only use Netflix on my PS4 so am limited to DNS-based proxy services, and then I only want to be redirected for Netflix rather than all system services so these workarounds don't work very well.

Instead of Netflix worrying about adding more TV Series or Movies they just worrrying about expanding in different countries while Amazon Prime added bunch of HBO Shows in the U.S. EPIC FAIL NETFLIX you will soon become the next Blockbuster if you do not start add more.

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