Netgear CES 2010 announcements

Today at CES2010, Netgear announced new product lineups that will improve user experience in home networking. Some of the new products include a NAS storage system, dual band wireless-N routers and switches, AV Internet adapter kits, and video streaming upgrade technology to improve at home experience.

The new NAS (MS2110) network storage, featured with social media connectors, so you can instantly upload your photos to networking sites such as Facebook. The Netgeat NAS system comes with 1TB RAID1 of storage, with two upgradable bays. The MS2110 system can use RSS feeds for synchronizing your photos, videos and digital media with digital picture frames and other home media.

Netgear will introduce a new RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router for in home networking. Two models of the Dual Band Wireless-N router will come out in 2010; the standard 2.4Ghz DGN2200 and DGN2200M the mobile broadband edition. Their routers and 5-port switches will come with colour coded ports, for prioritizing bandwidth to devices.

Netgear will be coming out with a smaller, compact AV Internet network kit for in home use. The AV kit, half the size as previous models, allows consumers to use their home power plug to setup a home network, without all the wires running through your house.

Netgear announced new exciting technology in most of the upcoming hardware, which upscales your digital videos, improving sharpness. Netgear also announced faster streaming, up to 3X faster than before on in home wireless media.

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do like netgear routers, but not much of a fan of there NAS offerings. Tend to stick with dlink for small NAS's and buffalo for larger NAS's

I'm looking to upgrade my home WiFi to the N standard. I will probably go with Netgear since I've had problems with my last 2 Linksys routers.

brent3000 said,
After getting the Netgear WNDR3700 all i have to say is im glad i stuck with Netgear rather than moving over to Linksys :)

Linksys isn't bad; the problem with Linksys is that they have become a true subsidiary of Cisco (read - EXPENSIVE). Cisco has lost the b ang-for-the-buck title they had with their wireless-G routers (especially the WRT54GS and successors) to other companies, and Netgear stole a march with affordable draft-N.

I have the original WNR3500 (by original, I mean the V1 Marvell chipset version, albeit in Comcast clothing), which Comcast was pushing out the door last month for $30 installed. Gigabit wired ports, better range (even with G devices) than the WRT54GS, eight antennas (all hidden!) attractive on-end design (mirroring most HSI modems from Motorola, oddly enough), and remarkably easy to configure (as easy as Linksys routers are to configure, Netgear's routers are even easier, even the N routers).

On top of that, Linksys stumbled with the design of their current WRT lineup (more in terms of trhe physical design than anything else); however, Netgear has had problems getting the WNR3500L (and revised WNR3500 V2) out the door. Still, now tha those issues are fixed, Netgear maintains their lead in affordable N-ratified devices over Linksys.

If the SC101 is anything to go by... keep well away! (yes the SC101 was a SAN not a nas), but what a disaster that was.

barteh said,
If the SC101 is anything to go by... keep well away! (yes the SC101 was a SAN not a nas), but what a disaster that was.

agree - I had one of those boat anchors. You have to install special drivers on your PC to even access it, and it was unreliable. Also it ran far to hot to allow the HDD's any meaningful lifetime.

All in all a total disaster.