New Android commercial attacks iPhone

Verizon released a new commercial which takes shots at the missing features for the iPhone. The website has a countdown timer to the release of the new Android 2.0 mobile phone. The ad attacks a variety of things Apple doesn't do or won't do on the iPhone.

The advertisement attacks Apple's oversights on the iPhone like a real keyboard, running simultaneous applications, being customizable, allowing widgets, open source development and interchangeable batteries. The advertisement also takes a stab at the iPhone's camera, saying the Android based phone will have a 5MP camera and will be able to take pictures in the dark.

The Android 2.0 phone will release this November on Verizon. The phone hasn't been officially priced from Verizon yet, but will be featured on the Motorola Droid.

The Droid phone will feature with a 3.7" screen, have an ARM Cortex 500Mhz CPU with a 5MP camera and will run Android 2.0.

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