New BlackBerry boss says company will keep its handset division

Instead of selling itself off to one or more of its rumored suitors, BlackBerry decided to keep pursuing the market by dumping its CEO Thorsten Heins and getting $1 billion investment. It also appointed a new interim CEO, John S. Chen, who previously turned around another company that was on the ropes, Sybase.

In a chat with Reuters, Chen seemed to be confident he could do the same for BlackBerry, stating, "I have done this before and seen the same movie before." Chen isn't commenting on how he will turn BlackBerry into a profitable company but did estimate that the process could take about six quarters, or about 18 months, to complete.

One thing that Chen says BlackBerry is going to do is keep its handset business, which was dealt a huge blow when the new smartphones using its BlackBerry 10 OS failed to reach an audience this year. Chen says he wants to rebuild the division but again would not go into specifics.

While Chen may have been able to turn Sybase around, it's still going to be a huge task to do the same for BlackBerry. The company's smartphone market share has plummeted in the last few years thanks to competition from Android, iOS and Windows Phone products. Strategy Analysts recently estimated BlackBerry now has just 1 percent of the worldwide smartphone market.

Source: Reuters

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John obviously is not a huge fan of whatever he's been consistently and negatively reporting while to trying to make money out of it?

BB10 is actually a really good OS, and the Z10 is a nice device at the perfect size for the average human being.
I think the only problem they have is gaining momentum, which is getting really hard for anyone as people are moving in blocks from one trend to the next. It doesn´t matter if you have a better OS or build quality, it just matters that if the trend is to stick a brick to your face then the brand with the biggest phone will "win".

I'd love to see them fight back. But I just can't see how at this point. That's an awful long game for a company to play while trying to keep that huge behemoth running with its only real pillar of income on life support in a market that's getting harder and harder to win market-share (back in their case).