New LG flagship specs revealed; includes Quad HD screen, 3GB RAM

The smartphone market is wonderfully diverse, with a seemingly endless range of options to suit just about all tastes. Not everyone purchases a top-of-the-range handset, after all, although many of us lust after the latest flagships, even if we cannot afford them.

It looks like LG is preparing to launch such a device, with some pretty tasty specs that may have some drooling in anticipation. Intriguingly, unlike most rumours that emerge of devices before they are announced, this information comes not from some anonymous source, but straight from the website of one of America’s major carriers.

Could the LS990 be the successor to the LG G2 (above)?

Credit for the find goes to, which dug out a User Agent Profile (UAProf) on Sprint’s site, referring to a device identified as the LS990. speculates that this device will come to market as the LG G3, successor to the company’s successful G2 which went on sale last year.

The LS990 model number may appear, at a glance, to be at odds with info revealed by @evleaks last month, who hinted that the G3’s designation was actually D850 (which seems to make more sense, given that the G2’s model number was D802/3). However, it is not uncommon for Sprint's LG devices to get a completely different identifier; for example, the curved LG G Flex carried the D950 model number on AT&T, but was designated LS995 on Sprint. 

But even if you have doubts over all the various model numbers, there is no denying the existence of the UAProf on Sprint’s site, including an abundance of detail on the device’s specs, indicating that the LS990 is more than just the product of some wishful thinking.

The Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) handset features a mighty 3GB of RAM and a 5.5-inch display with Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440px), giving a pixel density of 534ppi. There’s also a 2MP camera up front, and a 13MP shooter around the back; despite the high resolution of the display, however, the rear camera won’t record 2K video, with video capture maxing out at 1080p resolution.

32GB of onboard storage is included, along with support for microSD cards up to 64GB. There's also a 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 SoC; this is the same chipset that features in many flagships, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nokia Lumia Icon and LG’s own G2.

Questions regarding availability and pricing remain unanswered for now, but all the signs point to this device being real and destined for Sprint. If this is the G3, though, it’s a pretty safe bet that Sprint won’t be the only US network to offer it. 

Source: / UAProf on | image cropped from an original taken by Techworld

Editor's note: This article's headline was updated after publishing to better clarify the resolution of the LS990's display.

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The only thing about those specs that's a real benefit over my current G2 is the inclusion of a microSD slot, but that's hardly worth the upgrade. A higher/bigger res screen will just mean less battery life and a larger device. 3GB of RAM is overkill.

Edited by l_p_4_7, Apr 14 2014, 10:28am :

If it has the same CPU, then it is not an upgrade in my opinion.
I was disappointed by the GS5 so was looking forward to maybe jumping ship to this, despite having been an odd-numbered Galaxy S user.
Now, it looks as though I may skip this generation altogether and wait and see what happens with the next version of Android.

So does the LG G2 and Galaxy Note 3. Any phone with a Snapdragon 800 supports 4k resolution. (Nexus 5 doesn't because the stock camera has no 4K option).

I'm surprised they haven't caught it up the off brand handsets and started putting in decent front facing cameras to latch on to the selfie mania

Yea, LG makes great phones but really not much reason to upgrade so much anymore. When Android first started out, I would update ones or twice a year. Not, I wait a couple years to do so. Nothing really that impressive in the new that makes me upgrade my old.

534ppi is incredible! I heard rumors that the next iPhone will have a similar screen. I hope so - text can never look too crisp.

Jahooba said,
text can never look too crisp.
That's ridiculous, of course your hardware (eyes) has limitations. Once you are unable to discern any pixels any more PPI is just for bragging rights but does nothing at all for text quality except drain your battery faster.

As Android specs increase, so does the resolution so we're back at step 1 regarding games.

My Note 3 stutters and lags playing Vice City and San Andreas.

Wake me up after we have jumped this stop gap and real 64bit phones based on S810 start to appear. Till then I am really happy with my LG G2.

i have the LG G2 i just got last month or the so so i am happy those reported specs not to impressive not even 3gb of ram because 2gb still does well

notuptome2004 said,
i have the LG G2 i just got last month or the so so i am happy those reported specs not to impressive not even 3gb of ram because 2gb still does well

Yup. Phones have hit the same wall computers hit a few years back. There's just not much reason to upgrade anymore. People have been talking about how phones and tablets have taken sales away from PCs but that's just not true. For many people there's no reason to upgrade their PC while phones were advancing quickly. Nothing announced or rumored is significantly better than my nexus 5.

Exactly! Once you hit 2GB RAM, with a decent quad core processor, high resolution screen and a nicely optimized OS, there's really no reason to splash out hundreds for ever so slightly better specs.

Makes more sense to say 3K or "Almost" 3K. Though I have to say that 534ppi is the best you can get for this size. Am I wrong?

I don't see the point. 1080p is more than enough for 5.x" I have a g2 and there's no way you can see any individual pixels

My fiancee has the G2 as well and she was reading the title next to me and made a grin that there's a new version LG already lol. Explained to her that the G3 is nothing to switch over, sure, higher res and a gig more ram but for what? She just calls, texts, fb and music - for her, no point like for most people I think.

I don't think 2K screen is the best way to describe Quad HD 1440p when the most popular and common 2k screen is 1080p.

Fergdog said,
I don't think 2K screen is the best way to describe Quad HD 1440p when the most popular and common 2k screen is 1080p.

Apart from screen, I think is a very poor update over LG G2.

So you want the phone to have jets installed, so when you activate this feature, it flies in front of you and starts projecting a movie in 4K?