New Nexus 7 specs leak along with possible release date

An apparent shot of a product information tag has revealed specs for the anticipated second generation of Nexus 7, set to be launched later this month. Unsurprisingly, it is set to come with the same 7-inch screen, but now includes a rear-facing 5MP camera and will ship with Android 4.3.

The leak shows that the product will be powered a 1.5Ghz processor, but enhanced graphics capabilities and a change in screen resolution are still just pure speculation - the shot reveals neither. Wireless charging is a new feature, which originally arrived with the Nexus 4 last year, and a slim port for 1080p output is highlighted as a "key feature."

Engadget also report that a tipster has disclosed the release date for the new iteration. Arriving in stores on July 24, the new Nexus 7 will be available in Staples beginning July 31. It still remains a mystery whether there will be an earlier release for Google Play customers. 

The new device is expected to be revealed at Google's press event next week, which will feature Sundar Pichai, the recently appointed head of Android and Chrome.

Source: Engadget | Image via Engadget

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Cool, we'll see when it's announced next week. For now, I'm probably going to stay with the Nexus 7, until I see what Apple/others have to offer.

Ace said,
Why doesn't it support Miracast? What's going on Google?

Stock vanilla Android 4.2 and above support Miracast out of the box.

NathanLiu said,
Really? Who wants to hold up a 7" device to their face? Not me, for sure.

I would say the same about he Galaxy Note, but i see women all the time with that thing.

MikeInBA said,

I would say the same about he Galaxy Note, but i see women all the time with that thing.
Well its also not 7" in size and at 5.5" its not all that big. And yeas, I see lots of girls with it too, which means hearing guys complain about the size just shows how immature they are. Girl with smaller heads and hands normally compared to a guy have no issue using this phone. In fact, if you visit Samsung Mobile on FB, you will see literally thousands of females who have the GN2; and they love it.

Seems nice and I love my current Nexus 7, but I wonder if this could be overshadowed by the possible new iPad mini with border-less design and iOS7. And this is definitely not a flame because I own every Nexus device; 4, 7, and 10 because I like Android and the form factor of all the devices.

Probably not, the last mini didnt over shoadow teh N7 IMO.

To me the current N7 is still the best 7in tablet hands down. Nothing that I know of has really given it a run for its money when it comes to price or performance.

Well the mini will almost certainly be more expensive, plus Android doesn't look like it was designed for someone on LSD

Since using my playbook with BB Tablet OS 2.1x (a precursor to BB10), I have really found android clunky to use. I do think android 5 does need a new UI interface. On the nexus, it has some excellent specifications but I'm not really sure wireless charging is a "key feature", more a novelty. 1080hd output is a Playbook killer (its already dead but people still do use it) because previously only the PB I think could do this.

Playbook is dead anyway... And with BB not upgrading the tablet to BB10, it's going to be useless quite soon (if not useless right now). Even Win8 RT as more apps than the Playbook...

You know, it's not bad....and it will probably be cheap....but,

I was kinda hoping for a Nexus 8 (8" 1080p screen) with 2mp front camera and 8mp rear camera. Borderless design, cool looking. Need the wow factor google :-)

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