New rumor claims Nokia Roadrunner is coming, but what is it?

A month ago, evleaks posted up what he claimed were a bunch of new code names for upcoming Nokia products. Now the usually reliable rumor source has revealed something else that will have the Nokia brand name.

In a post on his Twitter account, evleaks says that something called "Nokia Roadrunner" is coming soon. That's all the information he was willing to give about this mystery product or service, but he did put in a "Meep meep" in reference to the Warner Bros. Looney Toons character of the same name.

So what will "Roadrunner" actually be when it is actually released? It's not clear if this is a product that comes from Microsoft, which bought Nokia's smartphone division last month, or if it comes from what remains of the Finland company.

There are some rumblings on the Internet that this could be a smartwatch, perhaps for runners or fitness users. Microsoft did file a patent for its own smartwatch device recently, but many of them don't end up as shipping consumer products.

Source: evleaks on Twitter | Image via Warner Bros

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Studio384 said,
Yep, it's "Meep meep", through it has to be said, sometimes, it was just "Meep"

the Plymouth Road Runner even made the sound. Nice car...rare car.

TechJunkie81 said,
Great car. Friend of mine had a 68. He still regrets trading it in.

How long ago did he trade it in? Got to keep those cars. Worth some good coin depending on condition.

j2006 said,
No thanks... we don't want MS/Nokia to be a monopoly like Google. :p

google already has an ISP, so what do you have against choice?

j2006 said,
No thanks... we don't want MS/Nokia to be a monopoly like Google. :p

Huh? A new competitor entering the market is somehow bad because of the potential for them to become a monopoly?

If you'll recall, however, the ever cunning Roadrunner would on occasion remain totally silent, opting instead to extend a single wing that held up a simple printed sign. And that sign, invariably, always read "Beep Beep"!

A contradiction? Perhaps. Or Perhaps the poor fella actually has a beep beep impediment.

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