New rumors about Google and Motorola's X-Phone pop up

In late December, the first rumors hit the Internet about the "X-Phone", the next major Android-based smartphone from Google's subsidiary Motorola Mobility. Now a new rumor report claims to have some hardware specs on the "X-Phone" and they sound pretty impressive.

The Dutch website Android World claims the device will run on the next major update of the Android OS, which may have the internal code name Key Lime Pie. In terms of hardware, the site, which uses unnamed sources, claims the "X-Phone" will have NVIDIA's upcoming Tegra 4 processor inside, along with a 4.7 inch screen.

The same report claims that it will have a 16 megapixel rear camera along with a five megapixel front facing camera. The dimensions of the X-Phone are supposed to be slightly slimmer than Motorola's current Droid RAZR MAXX HD.

There's no word on when the X-Phone might be released, but whatever smartphone Motorola launches will likely be a major one for the company and its parent Google. Last week, it was confirmed that Google was laying off 1,200 more Motorola workers on top of the 4,000 it dismissed in 2012. Motorola needs a big hit to show that its smartphones can compete with those made by Samsung, LG, HTC and others.

Source: Android World

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I still just don‘t understand why Google is not using Motorola to create a Nexus device. Why Nexus 4 wasn't created by Motorola?


It was inevitable since Google didn't bought Motorola just for show off..

One of older Mobile communication company, infact one who can be called father of mobile testing or mobile communication in the hands of giants like Google will produce some of the best mobile platform for sure..

So X Phone or G-Phone, what ever it will be, it will certainly going to change communication with new innovation

Choto Cheeta said,
... change communication with new innovation ....

Google just purchased Motorola Mobility for patents. Seems now that some people expect Motorola to remain a viable name in mobile communicaitons.

Here's hoping there is some truth to this rumour, however a spec leap is not innovation.

Show me something that no other competitor is doing.
afaik Qualcomm's innovating more in the ARM space than Nvidia.
Personally, I'd rather reduce the consumption battery with integrated LTE radio, than a few more graphics processing cores.