New screenshot leak shows 9484 Windows 8.1 build in RTM branch

Earlier this week, we reported that a leaked screenshot showed that Windows 8.1 had reached the RTM branch with the build number 9478.0.winblue_rtm_130804-1505. Now a new image has been posted in Neowin's own forums that shows a more recent build number for Microsoft's next OS.

The screenshot, as posted by faithful Neowin reader and community member FaiKee, shows the new build number for Windows 8.1 to be 9484.0.winblue_rtm.130812-1706. It's likely that the build numbers will change at least a couple of times before Microsoft officially signs off on the RTM build. Neowin has already reported via our own sources that the final date for internal testing of Windows 8.1 will be on August 23rd.

Last week it was reported that Windows 8.1, with the build number of 9477, had already been sent to some OEMs ahead of the final RTM release so that PC makers could do some final testing on the OS before Microsoft "goes gold" with the RTM release. There were rumors that the 9477 build was meant to be the final version but that Microsoft may now be trying to stamp out bugs between now and its official launch date.

As we reported earlier this week, Microsoft has announced that Windows 8.1 will be released to the general public on October 18th as a free downloadable update for current Windows 8.1 PC owners. Many OEMs will also launch new PCs with Windows 8.1 already installed on that date as well.

Source: Neowin | Image via FaiKee

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That's Windows 7. Aside from Glass, there's also no ribbon in Explorer as it is in Win8. Guessing he just cracked open an ISO in Win7 and is looking at the contents.

Ideas Man said,
I'm guessing 9500 will be the RTM build number. It's nice and round and they're nearly there.
Nop it will be 9600, like Sszecret said, Microsoft Always skips a lot of build number on the end of development. For example, the Windows Developer Preview was buil 8102, the Consumer Preview was build 8250 and the Release Preview build 8450, but the RTM was already 9200, while they didn't change that much anymore between RP en RTM.

Sszecret said,
Nope, they'll artificially jump to 9600. The build number needs to be divisible with 16, as before.

Any idea why this is?

Ideas Man said,
I'm guessing 9500 will be the RTM build number. It's nice and round and they're nearly there.

As long as the result by dividing that build number by 16 and 10 is a round number.

Ex: 9200, 7600, 6000...

King Mustard said,

Any idea why this is?

Some silly windows update thing I think? It's artificial in nature from what I remember, because it wasn't always this way in the past.