New smartphone Trojan has a profit motive

Kaspersky Lab antivirus researchers have discovered three Trojan horse variants that are the most successful attempts yet to steal money from smartphone users. The variants on the Viver Trojan (short for Trojan-SMS.SymbOS.Viver) send text messages to premium-rate numbers in Russia, a tactic used by some previous malware. Viver was uploaded to a popular file-sharing site for mobile users, presenting itself as a photo editor, set of video codecs or other utility. It was downloaded by hundreds of users before it was removed, according to Kaspersky senior virus analyst Aleks Gostev.

The variants are written for the Symbian platform (making it the first Trojan of this type for smartphones) - specifically Nokia's S60 version of the operating system, second edition and earlier versions, according to antivirus firm F-Secure. The new Trojans still text to a Russian number but use correct international dialling codes, and thus are not limited to working in Russia. They don't require any user interaction, but simply begin sending texts as soon as they're installed. Each text costs the user 177 roubles, or about $7.

News source: ComputerWorld

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I dunno whether to be more ****ed off that someone could hijack your phone, or that a text message can really cost $7 a pop.

Amodin said,
Also, Windows Mobile 6.0 is due out this quarter as well. It's looking really nice.

Windows Mobile rocks! Especially 6!

Amodin said,
Also, Windows Mobile 6.0 is due out this quarter as well. It's looking really nice.

I'm using Symbian (Nokia Series 60) Third Edition, and it's very slow (on an N73).

I'd be very interested in how Windows Mobile 6.0 and the iPhone's stripped down version of Mac OS X Leopard Mobile performs.

The Symbian platform is so horrable. I had a Sony Erricson P800 and it was just junk. I now use a HTC Universal with Wm6 and an Apache aka 6700 with Wm5 aku 3.5 rom ported over from the Universal. Windows Mobile phones are so much better than Symbian.