New Surface RT commercial emphasizes features [Update]

Microsoft's first commercials for its Surface tablets emphasized the optional keyboard covers, though little focus was placed on the features of the tablet itself. The company's latest commercial does the opposite.

In a new commercial that began running Thursday, Microsoft emphasizes the fact that the Surface RT can run the Office productivity suite, has full-sized USB ports and can function as a laptop replacement. The commercial also references the optional keyboard covers, though the emphasis is clearly placed on the tablet. Microsoft has yet to upload the commercial to its YouTube account; this article will be updated when it does.

A transcript of the commercial's voiceover is as follows:

Imagine you only needed to carry one device – a device with the speed and capabilities of a laptop but the size and touch of a tablet. Imagine a device that runs Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Imagine a device with a USB port and a keyboard so you can 'click in' and do more. Now stop imagining. Click in to Microsoft Surface – one device that lets you do so much more.

The new commercial has been running during major finales, such as the series finale of "The Office" and the season finale of "Elementary." The latter show has featured the Surface RT in several episodes, making it one of many series that have included product placement featuring the tablet.

Microsoft's first commercial for the Surface RT, directed by "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" helmer Jon M. Chu, featured actors dancing with the tablet and connecting it to the optional keyboard covers, though little attention was placed on the tablet's capabilities. The commercial was named the most effective ad of the year for a tablet by television analytics firm Ace Metrix, though it has been criticized in both the media and on social networks for being too theatrical while not emphasizing capabilities of the tablet. Chu later directed a commercial for the Surface Pro that featured actors dancing with the Window 8 tablet.

A second commercial for the Surface RT showed the tablet in action, though it too focused more on the tablet's appearance than capabilities. The commercial was later parodied by comparing it to Apple's more subdued advertisements.

Update: Microsoft has uploaded the commercial to its YouTube page; the video can now be seen at the top of the article. Additionally, a third-party website that monitors television commercials has information on when the commercial has aired.

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orangutang said,
You're comparing a phone to a tablet...why?

If a phone can beat a tablet when it comes to the overall smoothness of the platform, I'd say that's a pretty important comparison.

JhonKaBrohamski said,
I used to love my Surface RT until I got my Nexus 4. The RT feels so sluggish now

Your comparing the performance of a 4.7'' phone to a 10.6'' Tablet-PC? One is running Android and the other Windows. It might be running on ARM but Windows (RT) is stil feature-rich OS with lots of capacilities under the hood. A bit hard to compare such different devices.

Ronnet said,

Windows (RT) is stil feature-rich OS with lots of capacilities under the hood.

What is "under the hood" is still under sight. How many people care ?

srprimeaux said,

If a phone can beat a tablet when it comes to the overall smoothness of the platform, I'd say that's a pretty important comparison.

Different use case. A phone OS doesn't have the same demands as a tablet OS.

JhonKaBrohamski said,
I used to love my Surface RT until I got my Nexus 4. The RT feels so sluggish now

The Nexus 4 has a faster processor than the Tegra 3 in the Surface RT. Actually, Tegra 3 isn't a very great processor, it was succeeded pretty quickly.

Laptop replacement? Maybe it might work against some cheap low-end laptops. But, hardly against any kind of full-size laptop. There is a very expensive premium one pays for the touch-sensitive screen and the Windows-8 OS; and for what kind of productivity gain?

I know you're trying hard to discount the Surface RT but if someone just needs Office, USB, keyboard and mouse input, external storage, flash supported web browser then a Surface RT will fulfil those needs adequately and a thin and light device. For anyone else who needs more power, flexibility can grab a full laptop.

In other words, it will work for some people as a viable laptop alternative. Not too hard to understand, really.

This is what I think "Laptop Replacement" on the ads truly means.
You carry a smartphone be it android, BB, dumb phone whatever. On your backpack there's a laptop that you carry that has office and whatever you need to create presentation. Let's take that Laptop equation out of the picture.
Question 1 : Can you replace it with an RT?
Question 2 : Are you one of the people that requires dedicated application such as Auto CAD, Visual Studios?

If you answer yes to Question 2, then this ads are not for you.

Can't even watch the ad, they use a stupid system of flash files and the sound plays but I can't click on the video one to activate it, oh well.

"Imagine a device that runs Microsoft Office" ...yeah, that's pretty much the only Desktop app Windows RT can run. lol

I was surprised to see that there's actually narration for a Surface RT ad- up until now it's only been energetic music and shiny humans.

FalseAgent said,
"Surface RT. The tablet with Microsoft Office."

am I the only one that thinks this is a better slogan than "click in"?

Its not hard to beat MS advertising division XD

thealexweb said,
Its highly implied the keyboard is part of the product, needs to bundled or not included at all in the ads. included. Yes you can buy a version with no keyboard, but most packages have the keyboard.

The text at the end of the ad says, "The tablet that runs Office"

At the end of the day, that's all most business folk really needed to hear. Why was it so damn hard to get it mentioned in previous advertising? The marketing folks need to find new careers..

I'm passing on this generation of the Surface. I do that for all new devices. I'll be very interested to see what they come up with for the 2nd gen. I just hope LTE connectivity is an option. I'll seriously consider giving up my iPad if it does.

MS makes some of the dumbest and least informative commercials I've ever seen and the first one for the Surface was totally ignorant/clueless and drove me to the point of never being interested in it just because it was so stupid. If they actually pay people to create that junk, the junk itself can't be worth a flying f**k!!

Just about with ANY commercial now a days, no matter what it's about, after it's over me and wife just look at each other and give that facial expression of what the f**k was that about?!

Really Microsoft?

This is really riddiculous. Office built-in is not a feature, but an extra for anyone who buys the product. Why don't you say something like "Made for social" or "Designed for you". Anything than Office RT!

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