New version of Yellow Dog Linux available

Ten months after releasing its sixth version of Yellow Dog Linux (abbreviated as YDL), Fixstars has released the new, 6.1 edition. This is also the first version released after the company was acquired by Terra Soft. For those who are unfamiliar with YDL, it is a Linux distribution programmed for Sony Playstation 3, PowerStation and Apple G4 and G5.

Yellow Dog Linux is based on CentOS, a cousin of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Owen Stampflee, the Director of Engineering in TeraSoft states that this is one of the biggest updates in YDL, and that they have looked over every segment of users.

For regular users the update mainly contains software and application updates, like Firefox and OpenOffice. Although, OpenOffice is still not updated on its last version, it should be available soon. Nevertheless, v6.1 has a significant update introducing the ps3vram, a solution that uses the fast GDDR as a SWAP or like temporary file storage. In addition, Bluetooth support for SIXAXIS should bring joy to the owners of one. Wireless communications support are supposed to be greatly improved.

Like in YDL 5.0 Phoenix, the main desktop environment is Enlightenment, but you can also use GNOME or KDE, which are included.

Of course, developers can look upon the latest stable kernel, an updated GCC, and Cell Superscalar.

Fixstars has provided an overview page where you can introduce yourself with all of the applications and packages available in this distribution.

If you like what you are reading now, and need a distribution for your PS3 to use it as a PC, you can use YDL. Keep in mind that this distribution is not free. It is sold as a two DVD set, and the price starts from $50 with shipping.

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Shadrack said,
The DVDs cost $50, but is the distro downloadable for free from a torrent or something (legally)?

it should be, it's gpl, so if someone who owns the DVD wants to torrent it there's nothing illegal about it.

That said, see post 3 above you

As I said in the post just above this one: this version will be available for free on the mirrors about a month after release. This is how YDL has always worked.

A couple of corrections and clarifications to the story:

1. Fixstars bought Terrasoft, not the other way around

2. Yellow Dog Linux has always had a paid-for version and a free version. Paying customers get early access to the distro, people wanting it for free have to generally wait a month or so and get it from one of the mirrors.

Can you please stop cluttering the frontpage with niche 0.7% marketshare oses?
There are actually 3 big blocks there...

How interresting is it for the 99.3% of your users, if [name it here] some underdog distro has a new minor build available?

So, stop cluttering the portal with niche things, no one uses and make a separate small toybox for these 0.7% if you like.

This is also bad for neowin as adsense shows more irrelevant banners to all, as it reads all thoose texts noone actually is interrested in.

Also change the "News Filter & Poll" from Digg to something more usefull like Software.
Im comming to neowin for neowin news and not for links to Digg pages...

sorlag, I think that this is a important thing for all PS3 owners, esspecialy becouse this version of YDL is bringing some very interesting things.

Oh shut up Sorlag, stop bloody moaning. If it doesn't interest you, don't read it. It's the first news I've heard about YLD in a long time, and I found it an interesting read. Enough to make me look into it further, and consider actually installing it on my PS3. And I take it your also referring to the Shift Linux story? Neowin shouldn't promote it's own distro? You're a funny guy.

@Sorlag. You know, I don't own a PS3, yet I found this article quite interesting. It's great news for PS3 owners too!

You seem confused as to the purpose of Neowin. It's not a Windows/Apple/Mainstream Linux site. It's a TECHNOLOGY NEWS site, and this is technology news. If you don't like that, stop reading.

sorlag, you might want to ask for a spell checker as well while you are at it... I don't own a PS3 but I thought the news article was worthy. I think less than 0.7% of the user base here gives a rat's rectum about your moaning. Exercise (or in the case of your bad spelling, exorcise) your right to not read an article if you don't like it. No need to flame on about it.

I think it is a little ironic that someone who thought the news wasn't worth the time spent the time to write such a long comment regarding it.

Chaks said,
Nothing wrong in charging. It has and is always "free" as in beer and not in "cost" :)

No, you mean its supposed to be not "as in beer" (cost) but free "as in speech" (freedom)