New Windows 7 PC upgrades to Windows 8 now require Windows 7 ID

Yes, you can still buy a new PC with Windows 7 installed instead of Windows 8. While Microsoft is also still offering a way for those users to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99 until January 31, 2013, it has apparently added a new requirement for that to happen.

When Microsoft first started this effort back in August, all people had to do to qualify for this offer was to go to the Windows 8 Pro upgrade page and type in the PC model name and maker, and the date which you bought the PC. Now CNet reports, and we have confirmed, that Microsoft is also requiring users to type in their unique Windows 7 product ID in order to get the $14.99 upgrade.

This change appears to be quite recent but so far Microsoft has not commented publicly on why they added this additional requirement. It's possible that the company wanted some extra proof that the people who bought a new Windows 7 PC did so during the required time period. Microsoft is also offering a $39.99 upgrade to all older Windows 7, Vista and XP PCs to Windows 8 but that price will also end on January 31.

Source: | Image via Microsoft

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Save your money!! Unless you own touch enabled hardware, there is no compelling reason to move to Windows 8. Also you won't have to deal with 8's two totally different personalities.

This is a silly article. When I upgraded more than a month ago, I had to provide my Windows 7 product ID. Why wouldn't you?

If you already have 8 installed the answer is No. Activate the Charm Bar. Touch Settings. PC Settings. Touch General. Touch Re-install. Five minutes later you have a fresh 8 install.

This is a killer feature of 8. There's simply no reason to reinstall.

The "bug" was fixed around October 30.... This isn't something that happened "recently"

Or am I mistaken in something? Can someone explain me what is different from that time?

If they drop the price to 50 cents I may consider buying this to hold up my Windows 7 library. Darn DVD's are always tipping over.

Fair enough. A very small price to pay for tablet users to upgrade to Windows-8; if there is any truly compelling reason to do so.

Quite recent? I was asked for the product key when I registered 1 month ago for a brand new computer I bought. That unfortunately didn't help for getting a valid Windows 8 key due to the unbelievable Microsoft Store staff incompetence, they told me my product key "wasn't activated" (WTF? That's how supposed to be since the computer is brand new and hasn't been formatted/activated yet...) and then they mixed my support ID with another for a payment problem and because of that closed the support request. Unbelievable. I've opened a new support ticket a few days ago but it will probably take them several other weeks before they even answer.

DISCLAIMER: The Microsoft Store support doesn't have anything to do with support for their other software/hardware for which I never had any problem with and always had stellar service.

Got a gift card for xmas and might just say screw it and upgrade for the 40 bucks. Question to all those who beta tested 8: Did Microsoft clear off all your sync data like beta apps you downloaded, synced themes, etc?

That's bogus. Maybe if I fill out a support ticket or something I can get all that crap wiped off my account. Thanks for the info.

Tyler R. said,
That's bogus. Maybe if I fill out a support ticket or something I can get all that crap wiped off my account. Thanks for the info.

You might be surprised. Not all beta apps carried over into RTM. Several were offered for free during the preview months just to be pulled and resubmitted with a price tag. Naturally, those apps will not be in your history anymore.

As far as themes, who cares? You just pick a new one during installation.

True because if you selected other as the PC brand, it didn't ask for any details and just offered Windows 8 at the offer price, regardless of if you actually bought a new PC.

That's not something new. So far I've done 13 upgrade for customers and only twice did it ask for the Windows 7 License, once way at the beginning, and once recently. I did an upgrade yesterday on a Acer laptop and it didn't demand it.

It's either random or based on a combination of factors. I will pay attention next time to all the factors involved.