New Windows 8 logo inspires third party design contest

On Friday, Microsoft confirmed that it would launch a new logo for Windows 8, making the familiar "flag" look more like an actual window this time. There's been a ton of debate surrounding the new look, both pro and con. Now a third party company wants people to come up with their own idea for a new Windows 8 logo.

Logo creator company 99 Designs has launched, just for fun, a Windows 8 logo contest. The web site is currently accepting designs from anyone until 8 pm Eastern time tonight. A number of finalists will then be selected and they will continue to submit designs until a winner is found.

The nice thing about this contest is that the winner actually gets some money for his or her efforts; $295, to be exact. However, it is definitely not sanctioned by Microsoft.

A lot of the user-submitted Windows 8 logos for this contest are simply small variants on Microsoft's official logo. However, some are pretty creative. Here's one that takes the logo and turns it into a flower.

Here's another that re-imagines the logo with a new look that sort of resembles Lego blocks:

Finally, our favorite logo is one that completely went out of the box. We wonder what Bill Gates thinks of this one:

Update - While 99 Designs is apparently hosting the contest web site, Inflow Inventory is actually in charge of the contest.

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