New Windows 8 Metro apps include WWE and SyFy

Even though Microsoft is now getting close to finalizing their work on the RTM version of Windows 8, app developers and publishers are still adding new and free Metro apps to the Windows Store for the Release Preview build. That includes some apps that have been launched in the last week.

Fans of World Wrestling Entertainment, better known as WWE, will be happy to know that the organization has released an official Metro app for Windows 8. It offers news on upcoming WWE events along with information on their current rosters of wrestlers, past and present.

The Syfy cable TV network has also launched its own Windows 8 Metro app. It offers video clips of the channel's various shows, along with episodes guides and other information. Personally, we can't wait for the new season of Alphas to begin on Monday.

Other new or recent Windows 8 apps that are currently available to download for the Release Preview include the official Engadget app, a calculator app called Calc4Win and Journal, a note taking app from LifeScribe that seems to be a competitor to the OneNote Metro application from Microsoft. You can also download the OneNote MX app now from the Windows Store.

Source: Microsoft Windows 8 app list | Images via WWE and Syfy

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I just hope these apps don't block content for places other than the US...

Edit: As expected.. no app, period, outside the US. It really is about time this regional ******** was done away with. There's absolutely zero sense to it in a connected world.

Some of my personal favorite Metro apps:

Tweetro is my current go to Twitter app. Metrotwit has a really nice UI, but they've still got some work to do to catch Tweetro. I expect it to be a strong competitor, however, along with Rowi and maybe Medoh if the dev ports it.

Armed! is an excellent multiplayer turn-based RTS game. It has great graphics and is a Windows Phone port to Windows 8.

Buzztap is cool if you're a sports fan. It's an aggregator of sorts, pulling information from a ton of sources including social outlets.

Discourse is my go-to news app. It too aggregates content and is highly customizable. But, the MSNBC (NBC) and USA Today apps have great UIs and are strong apps too.

Digital Folio is a great electronic/computer geek/enthusiast app. If you're on a site, say Newegg, and looking at an item, it lets you simultaneously compare prices across Newegg, BestBuy, TIger Direct, Target, Amazon,, Sears and Walmart using the Share charm. Keeps you from jumping to multiple sites to search for the same item.

You can save any comparisons as folios and they'll update in real-time as the price of an item changes. Pretty slick.

Daily Wallpapers for those who like to use great photos and pics on your lockscreen or desktop. Draws from Bing front pages, Trending photos, Skydrive, and your own picture library.

Anyway, not sure how this turned into "some of my favorite Metro apps" reply. But, I'll stop there.

I've only been using these apps for about 10 minutes, but I can easily see where these apps are going to be better than on either iOS or Android. The Metro theme is consistent with whats on the XBox and if MS gets Smart Glass working well, I think it could be a real contender regardless of being on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. They just need to make sure that these experiences are replicated to Windows Phone and it could be worth the swap if all of the apps are ported across the entire ecosystem. The real problem with all of these apps is the lack of data aggregation. There needs to be a way to have HUBs on Windows 8 that will combine like data in a way that it does in the Music and Video Hub on Windows Phone. I really don't want to hop in and out of 50+ apps all day.

warwagon said,
Good Article, but isn't sort of sad for Microsoft that a new app added to the app store is news worthy?

How in your mind is Neowin's choice of what they post on the front page sad for Microsoft?

warwagon said,
Good Article, but isn't sort of sad for Microsoft that a new app added to the app store is news worthy?

Other sites (verge, Engadget, gizmodo) all post articles about new apps on the Apple iOS and OSX stores, and Android store. They dont just write articles about the big name apps, but some random app that they found and like. Do you go to those sites and whine, or is just Win8 apps that you take such offense to?

The Syfy app looks nice, and I like that if you select a show, you get info about it, videos and info about the crew. Also, I can't wait for the 4th season of Warehouse 13 to start.

al11588 said,
People still watch wrestling? Better question is wrestling real?

People still post such a lame excuse for not watching wrestling? Jeez. (I don't watch it anymore, the storyline sucks now and it has gone PG)

Navan said,

People still post such a lame excuse for not watching wrestling? Jeez. (I don't watch it anymore, the storyline sucks now and it has gone PG)

I hear it's gone PG as well, I haven't watched any in very very long but I remember back then it was pretty crazy.