New Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 UI

Microsoft just demonstrated the latest UI for Windows Live Messenger in a Windows 7 session here at PDC.

Check out the video here:

Also, the new messenger icon:

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"When I click on it, it starts to run."

Stop! I can't take this new and exciting approach to running applications on a computer.

Chris said,
Its the new taskbar in Windows 7.

Are you kidding me? They're just icons with no description. What happens when you have multiple windows of the same application open? How do you tell which is which?

If I heard correctly it does a preview for every instance of the application you have open side by side. So think what happens when you hover now but you'll have 2 or 3 or N number of previews.

Someone correct me if I'm off.

Ah. That would make sense. Still though, I find just reading the description to be a much faster way of identifying windows. And even more so when you factor in the hover delay.

See that there are 2 squares envolving IE's icon? It means there are two windows opened.

I mean, that's what I could deduct from previous screenshots.

So it's cool if it's called the "Dock", but uncool if its name remains "Taskbar". Someone tell MS Marketing to make the necessary change.

I dunno what's this about but I'm using wave 3 already. I googled for it and there is a lot of dl links. But yes, my WLM's got old icon.

PureLegend said,
Hasn't this been shown for a while now?

The only thing that seems to be new is the icon, some text changes in WLM's main window (there's no "Thanks for your patience!" text), and app icon updates, a la OS X Dock.