New Windows Phone 8 SDK for SkyDrive apps released

With new Windows Phone 8 devices now available for sale, developers might be interested in making apps for Microsoft's mobile OS that support the SkyDrive cloud storage service. Today, Microsoft announced a new SkyDrive SDK made for Windows Phone 8 apps.

In a post on the official Inside SkyDrive blog, Microsoft said:

We have taken advantage of some of the new features that Windows Phone 8 has to offer and provided you with an easy to use programming model by supporting the new Task async pattern and dynamic keyword. With this you can easily move your code between your Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 application.

The blog also states that a new SkyDrive SDK made for .NET is also available. Microsoft says:

Since we first introduced our SDKs, we have seen a lot of developers ask for a .NET library that would work for both client desktop apps and ASP.NET applications. With this release you can now create applications that target traditional desktop scenarios and as well as server side scenarios.

The blog also gives a few examples of apps and services that have already added SkyDrive features. One is DocuSign, which allows for signatures to be used on online documents, including those saved on SkyDrive. Another has the strange name IFTTT (If This, Then That), which lets users create online settings that cause items such as pictures and audio to be automatically saved to a SkyDrive account if certain conditions are met, such as every time you are tagged in a Facebook photo.

Source: Inside SkyDrive blog | Image via Microsoft

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Skydrive is great, but the inability to sync individual folders was a killer. This fixes all the problems I had with Skydrive. BTW, Skydrive Pro is also a great tool in the corporate setting. It works like Skydrive but instead syncs documents with SharePoint thus giving your business control of the files. You can have both Skydrive for personal files and Skydrive Pro for work related files on the same machine.

Microsoft's cloud initiatives with Windows 8 are taking shape and I love where they are headed. Still needs some work based on problems I'm experiencing (e.g., their Xbox Music cloud syncing seems to have issues as does the syncing of contacts to Outlook 2013)

now this is a winner. i use skydrive for quite a while and it is becoming better with every update. it is a very strong offer and if the world is really turning into the cloud stuff and people demand such a service... microsoft offer is very intruiging.