News: DS Release And Line Up!

Nintendo has announced the preliminary lineup and release date for its' DS console!

As memories of this year's E3 begin to fade, we bring you some good news from Nintendo on the DS and its lineup at launch! Multi-platformers may take interest that the Nintendo DS is now scheduled for a supposed March 18th launch in the European region - which will put it head to head against the PSP if true. Furthermore, the following first party titles will supposedly be available at launch, no surprises here as they were mostly the Demo games at E3.

Game List:

  • Animal Crossing DS

  • Mario Kart DS

  • Metroid: Hunters

  • Super Mario Bros. Game

  • Nintendogs

  • Pictochat

  • Super Mario 64x4

  • WarioWare DS
News source: GameCube Europe

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