Next banned game "could be BioShock 2"

Vincent Scheurer has issued a warning over the possible future of a BBFC rated games industry, at the Develop conference in Brighton.

Scheurer, founder of the business consultancy Sarassin, said that the costs RockStar incurred in overturning the BBFC's ban on Manhunt 2 would have put an independent developer out of business, and further warned that due to the vague reasons given for the ban any game could be next.

"The costs of the Manhunt 2 ban to RockStar were massive - an independent developer would be out of business," he explained.

"It makes the business of making games that much harder."

During his talk, he explained the stated reasons behind the Manhunt 2 ban, including the level of realism, the lack of a puzzle element and the lack of humour.


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but Manhunt should be banned as it is pretty bland, no real challenge or entertainment value

Wait, you're saying that if a game is decided "not fun" by some rating people it should be taken off ? It's up to players to decide this, not to a rating organization.

The funniest thing I found, how they can ban a game that is not complete or even publicly show of what Bioshock 2 all about. To be fair, Manhunt 2 was banned due to the violence was too real (i think) to today's crime (kinda remind me the canada bus news yesterday which one of the passenger beheaded O_O). But Bioshock is all about unrealistic science modification which nothing really exist in reality. If BBFC thinks that's bad to britons, then they possibly should ban ALL FPS game cos it involves guns and knife. or even MGS 4, cigrattes and drugs... (the list can go on and on). To be honest, government regulations have became too sensitive on so tiny thing and if they ban games without knowing what happen, they possibly the main one to blame of ruining the business, coz at the end of the day, we are the consumer. If we don't buy the game, the developer won't bother makes good game and I am sure you can imagine what is gonna happen next.

I know I maybe a bit too wordy on this comment but I really felt those bans are just bullsh*t... and quite p*ssed on those stupid regulation. I wonder whose are the one play and try the games... possibly old age *professor* who can't even move forward from their controller.

There is worse images and videos on the news,

Anyone thats influenced with games must be sick in the head in the first place.

Damn, if the UK are considering banning it...means you can pretty much consider it banned in Australia, that sucks I loved BioShock

how and why would you ban games on the basis of not entertaining enough, or lack of puzzles . doesn't make sense to me.

i mean whats next, banning games that don't have good enough graphics

At least you do have an R18+ rating for games! Down under we don't have that luxury, our ban happy government thinks an R18+ for games is unnecessary...

Honestly I don't see why a BBFC only rating system would mean games like Bioshock 2 would be banned.

Games like Bioshock are already rated by the BBFC. The only games that would be affected would be things that atm are not BBFC rated (so 16+ games, 12+ games and the like).

Lack of a puzzle game? What about the pipe hacking segments? And the part where you have to make the vector? And collect all the parts to do stuff?

What a load of crap.

During his talk, he explained the stated reasons behind the Manhunt 2 ban, including the level of realism, the lack of a puzzle element and the lack of humour.

We are talking about manhunt 2 here, not bioshock

I just don't see why games are being banned.

If it's cause it's too violent for kids, there's a reason there's a nice RED EIGHTEEN SYMBOL IN THE CORNER! I mean it's not even like the kids can buy the game, it's their parents buying it for them, thinking all computer games are for kids.

If parents let their kids play it, then it's their fault. The government try to prove that violent games turn innocent people into killing drones, in my opinion, people who are influenced by games and can't tell the difference between right and wrong, never mind reality and a game have something far, FAR more wrong with them.

In my opinion, blame the parents :P

@ Liquidfox ... i cant agree with you more! ... i 120percent agree with you! ;)

as you pretty much told it like it is ;)

cause it's like say some psycho kid copies something from this game in real life (like chops up someone or shoots em etc), those anti-video game people will think it's solely the video games fault as to why the person did it when in reality the person who did it obviously had serious mental issues in order to do that in the first place. hence it's not really the video games fault and it should not be banned.

cause to me a violent video game aint no different from a violent movie as they both could easily trigger some psycho to do a violent act and you dont hear people complaining about movies do you ... but they would probably come back saying it's "interactive" which they would have a legitimate point and i 'suppose' if someone is sick in the head that doing it in a video game might get them off enough to where they might try it in real life... but it still dont get around the fact of the matter the person is got some serious mental issues to begin with.... so the bottom line is you cant blame 100percent of the act on the video game alone.

Well given that for Bioshock to be banned, it would have to "Lack a puzzle element" and "Lack humour", at which point I probably wouldn't want to play it anyway.

It would be "funny" for BioShock 2 to be banned especially as BioShock 3 has been announced... but Manhunt should be banned as it is pretty bland, no real challenge or entertainment value... but BioShock is completely different - it really has depth and excitement... I expect BioShock 2 to be roughly the same but with a different story, of course...