Next Doom Game Announced

Kicking off the festivities at QuakeCon, id CEO Todd Hollenshead took the stage during the keynote presentation and promised he would be showing off either Rage or the previously unannounced Doom 4. So which did they actually end up showing? Well, kind of both. Before a brand new Rage video, Hollenshead officially announced "the next Doom game."

While id was not ready to spill any big details beyond a teaser, Hollenshead did promise some of the classic Doom elements: "There will be guns, blood, demons, and gibs." When one fan let out his desire for "flashlight tape" from the audience, Hollenshead joked that his Quake Live account should be banned.

Later in the keynote, after the Rage video rolled, id's John Carmack promised that the next Doom game will "look like it's built on another engine" compared to the already amazing-looking Rage. Carmack said that the Doom project will use "three times the horsepower," and as such it will run at 30 frames per second compared to Rage's 60. Both Rage and Doom will be running on the id Tech 5 engine.

Source: 1up

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