Next Xbox reveal tent almost done; rain due in Redmond Tuesday

The big day is close at hand for Microsoft's official reveal of the next Xbox on Tuesday. The company is finishing the assembly for the massive tent on its Redmond, Washington campus that will soon house a relatively small invited press corps and other guests.

Microsoft's Larry Hryb took to his Twitter account late on Sunday to post a new image of the Xbox Reveal Tent, now almost completely assembled on the outside. Hryb has already said that we won't get to see what's going on inside the structure until the big day on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, the people who have to go inside the tent for the big announcements might get a little damp while they wait. The current forecast for Tuesday in Redmond is calling for a 70 percent chance of rain, which is not that surprising for the Seattle area. However, the unofficial (but still funny) Xbox Reveal Tent on Twitter is taking it all in stride, stating:

Source: Major Nelson on Twitter | Image via Larry Hryb

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there's signs being moved around right now on campus that have the next xbox being called just "XBOX" that are being covered up when they are mounted.. *shifty eyed*

I'm waiting to see if Sony and/or Nintendo will do something to crash the event, like flying a banner overhead or something... *evil grin*

W32.Backdoor.KillAV.E said,
"the folks inside me"

... Sounds wronggggg.

HighwayGlider said,
"the folks inside me will be dry and full..."

You guys are so immature!