Nexus 7 3G on the way?

The highly popular Nexus 7 is expected to see a relaunch soon with just the one addition of cellular radio and no further hardware changes, if a rumor is to be believed.

Paul O'Brien of ​MoDaCo, has said that a "very well-placed source" is saying that a "Nexus 7 3G" will be released in around six weeks; that could pitch it directly against the iPad Mini which is also expected to be announced on Sept 12th and released in October.

Where in the world the 3G version would be made available, and pricing has yet to be confirmed; but we could probably see a bit of a spike on top of the $199 8GB offering or $249 for the 16GB WI-FI versions with the addition of 3G.

Other than that, there isn't much else to go on.

You can also check out a recent review of the Nexus 7 by one of our forum members, mrk.

Source: MoDaCo | Image mrk

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I'd rather use my phone as AP instead of paying extra for the 3G on the tablet and then paying for yet another data plan.

Being able to choose is nice, but I'd still stick with the wifi-only version myself *shrugs*

The Teej said,
**** my life. I could have got that one instead! Too late now :'(
It's ok becasuse if you did hold off and bought the 3G , only a month later they would have released the 4G.

And just when you bought wifi model they realize "oh wait we could have included 3G in the first place" but no sir >.>

alwaysonacoffebreak said,
Oh no! Apple, sue over the name of iPhone 3G, hurry!

Let's continue to bitch about Apple. Go you *rolls eyes*

KomaWeiß said,

Let's continue to bitch about Apple. Go you *rolls eyes*

I wasn't, I was just stating the truth. What makes you think they don't already own the patent on the "word" 3G if they own a patent on rounded corners?

KomaWeiß said,

Let's continue to bitch about Apple. Go you *rolls eyes*

Let's continue to bitch about people bitching about Apple. Go you *rolls eyes*