Nintendo Confirms Plans For WiiWare Downloadable Content

Officials from Nintendo have confirmed plans to release original downloadable content on the Wii, with an announcement today at a private Nintendo developer conference. The company describes WiiWare as a "game-creation service" that will allow developers of all sizes to create downloadable games content for sale by Nintendo through the Wii Shop Channel. Currently over one hundred retro tiles are available for download via the Wii's virtual console, with games paid for via redeemable Wii Points. Other content has so far been restricted to new interactive channels, all of which have been free (although the Internet Channel – featuring a re-purposed Opera Web browser - will incur a charge of 500 Wii Points ($5) from the beginning of July).

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Would it not be: "We sell WiiWare by the WiiStore"

Also, what are retro tiles? I haven't seen any retro tiles available at the Virtual Console store.

Fine fine with those wiiware but... where's the wii games for the wiimote?

Anyways, those devkits are a bit cheap ($2000) but they don't give automatic rights to sell your games over the wiistore.

HArdly, it only mentiones they'll allow other copntent providers to sell titles on their online service.

which means everythign will still have to be authorized by Nitnendo and the DevKit will probably be sold only to game studios to sell retro titles, and possibly to companies makign small games and cell phone games and such to launch "arcade" titles, such as gameloft and the like.