NirLauncher 1.15.01

NirLauncher is a suite of more than 100 of NirSoft's excellent portable freeware Windows utilities, and provides an interface that makes it easy to find and launch the tools you need. Which works for us - because there's something here for everyone.

Have you forgotten a password stored in your browser or email client, for instance? Recovery tools here may be able to find them for you.

Maybe you'd like to check your hard drive health? A disk tool will display its S.M.A.R.T. data (if the drive supports this), so you can view read/ write errors, temperature and other useful details.

Is your system unstable? The System Utilities section includes several tools that can help to explain why your PC might be crashing.

And there are a host of other programs on offer in categories like "Network Monitoring", "Web Browser Tools", "Video/ Audio Related Utilities", "Outlook/ Office Utilities" and more.

Please note, perhaps because a few of these tools can be used maliciously (the password revealers, say), some antivirus programs will flag them as threats. We've never had a problem with any NirSoft tool, though, and you can read more on this issue at the author's site.

NirLauncher is an excellent set of free tools, and a must-have for everyone's portable troubleshooting toolkit.

Additional packages (Piriform, SysInternals...) and instructions are available on the Nirlauncher download page.

Download: NirLauncher 1.15.01 | 12.8 MB (Freeware)
Link: Website

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Good 'ol Microsoft Security Essentials picks up several of the applications as threats - so be warned you will need to have to 'ignore' them

Yeah, Avira did the same.

However, I noticed that unlike Avira it doesn't ignore by path. I usually have these tools in two partitions and ignoring them once is enough. With Avira I had to add an exception for all instances.

Does MSE ignore by hash? I'm assuming it's ignoring the "infected" file and not the infection in general. That would be pretty silly.