No Final Fantasy XIII Until 2008

According to an article and a few other sites, all of us Final Fantasy fans are going to have to wait a wee bit longer to get our grubby hands on Final Fantasy XIII.

"Fielding questions at a Square Enix financial briefing in Tokyo today, president Yoichi Wada said this about Final Fantasy XIII: "It will still take a bit more time. At the very least, [a release] this fiscal year is definitely out of the question."

Japanese is known for being a pretty vague language, but Wada's words were pretty clear. No FFXIII in Japan until some time after March 2008.

Let's hope Square Enix starts the translation before development finishes up.

News source: IGN

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Heavenly Sword looks good but from the videos i seen the gameplay is nothing new. Enemies wait for you to kill them and QTE ( "Quick Time Event" from Shenmue, RE4, and other games, i dont know whats its officially called so i just used the Shenmue's name for it).

Warhawk's multiplayer gameplay looks good but if only it had more people for the multiplayer like 64 people playing. ahh spoiled by Tribes 2 :P

Not a surprise, considering how much time they're devoting to watering the series down with 54,492 offshoots and semi-sequels. x)