Nokia and RIM get in the Christmas spirit; end patent fight

For the past several months, Research in Motion and Nokia have been in a patent fight in the US, UK and Canada. Nokia claimed that RIM was violating its patents relating to WiFi connectivity with its BlackBerry smartphones. Today, both companies decided to get into the Christmas spirit and end their patent fight in those countries.

In a press release, Nokia said that it will enter into a new patent license agreement with RIM which will include both a one time payment as well as some ongoing payments. However, as usual with these matters, the specific terms of the agreement will remain unrevealed.

The news of the new partnership between Nokia and RIM came the day after RIM released its latest financial results for the quarter that ended December 1st. The company announced revenues of $2.7 billion for the quarter, down 47 percent from the same period a year ago. Those numbers, however, beat previous expectations.

RIM shipped 6.9 million BlackBerry smartphones and 255,000 PlayBook tablets during the quarter. It also said that it had 79 million subscribers, which is actually down one million from the previous quarter; it's the first time in RIM's history that it lost subscribers for its service.

Of course, RIM is hoping the launch of BlackBerry 10 and its two smartphones will turn the tide. While there have been lots of Internet leaks showing both the OS and the smartphones, RIM will officially announce BlackBerry 10 in press events on January 30th.

Source: Nokia
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I doubt very much there is anything RIM has that would benefit Nokia in any way. The other way around is quite a different story and this is good news for Nokia. They make money on just about any phone sold worldwide, no matter which brand, and this will only increase revenue.

Mobile Phone manufacturers do not want to deal with Nokia on their bad side as that will in general cost a lot of money. The recent upward sprint of NOK stock would pretty much underline that.

You and I would never know since the exact specifics are not released to the public. It is easy to see your perspective since Nokia is in the upswing.

What Paul said. Even companies like Apple are afraid to go against Nokia as Nokia would just obliterate them with patents, so for RIM this is only good news.

Also when talking about Nokia patents we are not talking about "round corners" patents nor other low level crap.

Again specifics are not out. If it was, then we will know then, correct?

We are all just speculating on the issues. You are right, Nokia has tons of patents, however, it doesn't mean that Nokia will not cross license or even license a patent directly if they didn't find it useful. You also have to remember that even with all of those patents, Nokia doesn't have anything when it comes to emails within the enterprise environment, and RIM has the experience and the patents for those communication protocols. Have you even heard of BES from RIM?

Even Microsoft uses license patents within Windows.

I never said that Nokia won't cross-license. They would and will because it's best for them also. My point being was just that even companies like Apple are afraid to go agaist Nokia in court so they rather pay up at first.

alwaysonacoffebreak said,
I never said that Nokia won't cross-license. They would and will because it's best for them also.

Who would have guess that you would say something that I've said. I don't even think you've thought of that when until you my response. In addition, you are just also speculating that Apple wouldn't go against Nokia I said, it is all about speculation.

You didn't add anything I haven't already said in other news/topics here so what the hell are you talking about?

Apple has gone to war with everyone else already, once also with Nokia which they actually lost, they won't try it again. Apple doesn't have as many critical patents what Nokia holds, they would just criple themselves with it.

My point is to you that when you responded to my comment, that you didn't think about what RIM have on their side, thus you said "I never said that Nokia won't cross-license" because you never though of it before responding to my comment. Maybe you should learn how to read between the lines.

Speculating ...maybe there is a tech that RIM carries that might be beneficial for the rumored Nokia Windows RT Tablet. Again, I'm just speculating since the end of the world is here.